Students explore creative methods to raise funds for going on mission trips

Finding the funds to go on a mission trip is the most common obstabcle that students with this goal face. Several at the university have been employing their unique, creative talents to raise money for ministry.

“I’ve done a little bit of everything,” junior Christian studies major Mary Parrish said, “from garage sales, to housekeeping for neighbors, to pet sitting, to selling roses made out of duct tape.”

Parrish’s most successful fundraising so far has come from selling cake balls and makeup products.

As more people find out what she is doing, she is making strides toward earning the money for two mission trips.

One trip would be to England with the university and the second to Edinburgh, Texas, with the Antioch Church.

“The only trouble I’ve had is getting started. Once the ball starts rolling, though, things go incredibly well,” Parrish said.

Sophomore nursing and biology major Kia Torres got the idea to raise money for her mission trip to England this summer when her friends began to notice her jewelry.

“I get asked a lot where I get my jewelry. I’m like, ‘Oh, I made it,’” Torres said.

She then decided to create jewelry and sell it to friends and family.

Over the Christmas break, Torres saw a YouTube video on how to create duct tape purses. She decided it was a neat, simple way to make something to sell.

She has already raised half of the funds needed for her trip.

Junior Christian ministries Jaclynn Koinm plans to go to England this summer as well. However, her tools to raise money differ from Torres’. Rather than using beads and duct tape, Koinm is working with paint, canvas and buttons.

“I’m making personalized canvases for people, and I’m selling them for $15,” she said.

Koinm wanted to do something innovative.

“I wanted to come up with something original that no one was doing,” she said. “I know some people are making jewelry, and I didn’t want to do the same thing.”

Koinm estimates that her works have raised around $300.

For her, the canvases are more than just a fundraiser. She enjoys being creative, and encourages others to do something they enjoy when trying to raise money for their own mission endevours.

“Definitely do what you like to do,” Koinm said. “I think it’s fun to do stuff you enjoy….People like that.”

Torres explained that it is not always easy to raise money in creative ways.

“It’s hard to actually put in the effort to do it,” she said.

Through all of the work, she feels like God has shown her many things, and it has given her even more passion to go to England.

“He’s taught me that if I really do want to go on this trip, I have to sit down and spend an hour making a bag (of jewelry).”

Koinm sees her success in raising money as confirmation that her wish to go to England is not misguided.

“God definitely wants me to go. He’s definitely showed me this year through mostly money and affirmation of others that this is what he wants me to do.”

Author: Tyler Agnew

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