New logo generates much anticipation

By Leif Johnston

University athletics will have a different look starting Thursday, Feb. 14. A logo will be ushered in at the basketball games, and the updated image will sweep through the campus throughout the rest of the year. The plan is simple…unity.

Vice President for Athletics Randy Mann said, “We had different programs using different logos, so we ended up having three or four different logos being used athletically. So we decided we really needed to settle on one logo that everybody liked.”

Creating a new image to represent the school was a long project that took many different things into account.

“The idea of a new logo was brought up about five years ago when Coach Shipp was the athletic director, due to the fact that it was just hard to duplicate on apparel and also a little expensive when you had to reproduce it,” Mann said.

The project got pushed to the side after the initial talk of change because it was hard to find something that everyone agreed upon.

The revamping and expanding of the campus was a catalyst. Considering the number of new facilities being built, the committee that worked with the logo figured there was no better time than now to unify the campus.

“They revisited the idea with the start of the new stadium and all the other things that are going on and thought if we are going to do a new logo, let’s look at it again. After it resurfaced again, the committee went through the process and came up with a design that I think everybody will like,” Mann said.

A rebranding for the athletic department isn’t something that happens very often, but when it does, it brings excitement. Many students, and not only student athletes, have grown accustomed to the logo in place, but the idea of a different one bringing more variety to the bookstore and other places is creating a buzz around campus.

“It’s an interesting time in the history of the university when you choose to re-brand the athletic department and come out with something that everybody can be excited about,” Head Men’s Golf Coach Aaron Rodeffer said.

Not only are the coaches eager to have something new that they are all able to work into their programs, but the student athletes see the change as a good thing.

“What I look forward to most is that, overall, it is just different. It will be cool to experience change and just start something new,” junior exercise and sport science major Jake Sims said.

The transition of all the programs using the new logo may seem difficult to do at once, but the new look will be phased in so that it is a comfortable transition for all sports.

“It will change some of the equipment for me in golf, such as team shirts, golf bags and gloves, but I don’t think it will be very difficult at all to make the transition,” Rodeffer said. “I think it looks really sharp, and the different parameters that they have given us for using it are going to work fine.”

For many of the upperclass student athletes, it may be hard to see the logo used their whole time playing at UMHB disappear. But it’s a changethat seems to be welcomed.

“It will be strange seeing myself in a helmet that has a different logo on it, but I’m looking forward and excited for the change,” junior pre-physical therapy major and football player Elijah Hudson said.

The image’s coming-out party will surely create interest among those eagerly awaiting the reveal..

Students who attend the basketball games against Howard Payne starting at 5:30 p.m. Feb. 14 at the Mayborn Campus Center will receive free shirts with the logo.

For those finding it difficult to wait for the offiicial reveal Thursday night, the image is slowly being uncovered online.

The logo will be shown little by little on the university’s website as it receives more likes on Facebook.

Author: The Bells Staff

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