Men’s volleyball started by students

The championship match for intramural volleyball featured the two teams that were dominant. Team Falcon Punch earned the championship title. Now the two teams that fought for the intramural title have joined forces to forge a men’s volleyball team.

The club was chartered by Student Government Association Jan. 29. This officially brought the two teams together into a club sport, something that sophomore business management major Cody Emerson has been hoping for.

“Last year we were talking about trying to get a team, but it wasn’t until this year when we got all of the freshmen coming here that we actually had enough guys to put it all together,” Emerson said.

Sophomore business management major and founder of the team Dominic Rosato wants the team be able to play at a very high level, hoping to eventually play in the Southern Interscholastic Volleyball Association, which is made up of teams from Baylor, SMU, UNT and others.

“As a sport it’s definitely going to be a lot of conditioning,” Rosato said. “We’re not just going to go in there and just start playing. It’s going to be an actual sport. I want it to be legit.”

The squad hopes to find a solid number of players and start practicing together on the basics of court volleyball .

“For this semester I’d say our goals are really just to get real sound in the fundamentals of volleyball where we can compete with confidence in tournaments next semester,” Emerson said. “Hopefully, once we get everything going good, we can turn this into a good competitive team.”

The team held try-outs  Feb. 6 to search for talent. Players were tested on passing, hitting, setting, blocking and serving skills and were evaluated with help from players from the women’s volleyball team.

Freshman nursing major Greg Applegate is one of the few players with experience playing organized court volleyball. He hopes to help his teammates adapt to and learn the intricacies of the sport.

“My background in court can help me show them the minute things that people don’t really recognize.”

The team is searching for a scrimmage in March, with  hopes others will see  they are serious and want to compete at a high level.

Applegate said. “This is the first semester for us, so our goal is to have people respect men’s volleyball and recognize that it’s a sport, and we’re good at it.”

Author: Seth Stephens

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