Pennsylvania governor files lawsuit against NCAA regarding sanctions

Rain silently poured on the top of a squad car that would shuttle one of Pennsylvania State’s assistant football coaches, Jerry Sandusky, to a nearby county jail.

Onlookers clutched their umbrellas as they witnessed what would be a dreary course of events for the University of Pennsylvania in the days to come.

On Nov. 5, 2011, Sandusky was arrested due to suspicions of having inappropriate relations with several young boys, and was to be tried for child abuse.

Four days later, head football coach Joe Paterno and the university’s president Graham Spanier were fired for their lack of diligence to report Sandusky’s criminal actions.

The following months proved to be a fiasco as decisions were made in the case. On Jan. 22, Joe Paterno passed away. Everything that had once been cherished by Penn State seemed to have been taken.

The outcome resulted in Sandusky being accused of 45 out of 48 counts of sexual abuse.

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More than that, the NCAA had to choose the proper course of action to take on the university.

Political science Professor Dr. David Holcomb said that he has no expertise in this sort of case, but that he could see the two prominent viewpoints that people held as to what the NCAA should rule considering Sandusky’s acts.

“Some will argue that the NCAA’s move is problematic since there are no specific rules violations in the Penn State case,” Holcomb said. “Others will argue that the situation was so heinous and directly connected to a prominent NCAA athletics team that the NCAA had to act.”

The NCAA took the latter route and decided to penalize the university.

Penn State was forced to pay a $60 million fine, while the football program was deemed ineligible from bowl games during the next four seasons.

The team was also forced to give up 40 of its scholarships during those four years. These sanctions crippled the school.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett has decided the NCAA was too harsh on the university. The entire state of Pennsylvania has been affected by the rulings because it is a state-funded university.

Junior finance and accounting major Cody Lee said, “I don’t think he had in mind that the NCAA was going to hit Penn State that hard.”

Corbett decided earlier this month to sue the organization as a result of the penalties placed on the university.

He said, “These sanctions … punished the past, the present, the local businesses and the citizens of Pennsylvania,” at a news conference held at Penn State university at the end of December.

It has certainly been a rough road for the school. The NCAA also decided to take away wins from the university, which caused head football Coach Joe Paterno to lose 111 of his victories. The result caused Paterno to lose the top spot in the NCAA record for the most wins. All of this added together caused Corbett to sue the NCAA. Many don’t agree with his actions.

Sophomore business administration  major Charlie Rod said, “I don’t think the state should be involved in NCAA sanctions. It seems a little late for the state to sue considering law enforcement has been investigating the issue.”

Author: Tyler Agnew

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