Kristi Hofferber speaks out against abortion in all forms

By Sarah Norrell

Sobs were heard as Kristi Hofferber and a woman hugged and prayed together.

Hofferber had just finished giving her testimony in Wednesday’s chapel service. Her unique story afforded students the chance to experience hope, even when dealing with horrendous circumstances.

“God is here today,”  Dr. George Loutherback said. “He’s right over there,” he added, pointing at Hofferber, who was visiting with students.

As a child born from rape and incest, Hofferber has spent her whole life dealing with her adoption.

Now, she shares the story with audiences across the nation hoping to reach other adoptees or anyone considering abortion.

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“Each adoptee experience is something different,” Hofferber began. “I’m not going to be defined by my DNA. Yes, it’s there, but I know I’m God’s child; God called me to life. God is my creator, and He ordained me to life.”

Hofferber always knew she was adopted. Despite her parents’ consistent offers, she never wanted to know about her biological parents.

But that changed while on her way to New Orleans for a mission trip five years ago when a traveling companion mentioned having an abortion.

Hofferber went to her parents, who explained what they knew: her biological mother had been raped by her father, Hofferber’s biological grandfather, when she was 16 years old.

When her mother was 15, she miscarried, then Hofferber was conceived, born and put up for adoption.

Following Hofferber, her mother was forced by her father to terminate four more pregnancies by abortion.

Hofferber knew she needed to try to find her mother and fill the void in her life to begin to heal.

With only a name, she spent two days searching through social media before finding her mother and contacting her.

Hofferber found her biological mother and half sister, who was expecting a son. At the request of her mother, she went to visit for a weekend.

“Here I am driving two states away to meet her for the very first time, and I can tell you that was a weekend I’ll never forget,” Hofferber said. “We shared a lot that weekend, a lot of emotions. It, of course, wasn’t easy for her because of the situation, but it wasn’t easy for me either.”

With difficulty, her mother began to explain the circumstances surrounding Hofferber’s birth, but she was stopped.

“I just looked at her and said ‘I already have an idea, and I love you. It doesn’t change anything for me,’” Hofferber said.

Since then, she has continued a relationship with her mother.

“Her testimony was really touching, and I felt moved by her courage to travel around and share it,” sophomore pre-physical therapy major Alex Aleman said. “I actually have a close friend with a similar story, and I am so glad that they are here today.”

Hofferber speaks at anti-abortion events and encourages anyone to contact her through her blog,, or  email:

She concluded, “In any case, God has created a life, and if we interject our own reasoning into His plan, we are assuming His role, and it’s not our role.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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