Gangster Squad sets bar high for 2013

By Leif Johnston

“Every man has a badge” is a powerful statement made by Sgt. John O’Mara. This statement alone sums up the newly released movie Gangster Squad directed by Ruben Fleischer. A story driven by misfits coming together to stop the most powerful gangster in the West sets the bar high for films that are to come out in 2013.  Director Ruben Fleisher shows that he can steer away from his usual comedy films and create one that is action packed.

The squad is in constant battle with Los Angeles’ most power-hungry mob boss, Mickey Cohen played by Sean Penn. The dialogue in the movie is serious and businesslike, but Gangster Squad member Sgt. Jerry Wooters, played by Ryan Gosling breaks up the suspenseful fighting scenes with numerous great one-liners.

The acting in this film is brilliant. John Brolin, plays the honest cop that will turn to extreme measures to put Los Angeles’ monster to rest. Emma Stone plays the damsel in distress but playing it with a hard to get yet seductive demeanor. This aspect gives this film the depth that it needed to take it from an ordinary gun slinging action film to a movie that forces characters to make ultimate sacrifices for the future of the city, even though their families safety is on the line.

The amounts of gunfire in this movie will more than likely bring criticism its way. But you can’t really have a true portrayal of a gangster film without excessive amounts of bullets fired. This film delayed its premier date after the Aurora shooting, but this move possibly made their chances of gun control arguments even greater in light of last month’s event in Newtown Conn.

Regardless of the number of shootouts it still gives viewers a  glimpse into what it might have been like post WWII trying to contain these greedy mob bosses that took down anything that interrupted their progress.

If you have a weak stomach this film may not be for you. The opening scenes will show that director Ruben Fleischer didn’t shy away from the bloody gruesome punishments that gangster Mickey
Cohen orders on people in his usual way. Gangster Squad is a film worth the overly priced ticket.

Grab some popcorn and enjoy this must-see movie.

Author: The Bells Staff

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