CASL encourages student leaders

By Antonio Hebert and Katelyn Holm

In 1999, several UMHB students and an alumnus desired an organization that would support the spiritual growth of young leaders. Now called the Christian Association of Student Leaders, the group celebrated its fifteenth anniversary at Howard Payne University Jan. 24-26.

The legacy of the UMHB founders continued last week when Crusaders loaded up vans and headed to Brownwood, Texas, for the annual leadership conference. Student Government Association, Residents Hall Association, Baptist Student Ministries, Campus Activities Board and Welcome Week Steering Committee all participated in the retreat.

Through the three-day seminar, each campus organization honed in on its specific role from a Christian perspective. In addition, members had the opportunity to interact with representatives from other colleges with the objectives of networking and meaningful relationships.

Freshman Savannah Davis enjoyed her first CASL retreat as a part of CAB.

“I met a lot of different people from other schools and from UMHB that I had never seen before or talked to,” she said.

Along with the relational resources, the conference also provided large general sessions and smaller break-out workshops. This year’s keynote speaker was Mike Jorgensen, executive director of the evangelistic and discipleship ministry, I Am Second.

Throughout his lectures, Jorgensen taught those in attendance about effective leadership, stressing the importance of servitude and humility. He explained that, often, people in powerful positions fear passing responsibility to someone else.

“The measure of a leader is not what you can individually do,” he said.

By building up other people, the group functions less on one individual and has more of an impact.

To inspire a collegiate atmosphere, each night of the conference featured a special entertainment event. Thursday, a Christian illusionist brought some tricks from Tennessee to wow his Texas audience. B.J. Harris III’s presentation included his testimony, card tricks and an impressive escape from a strait jacket. Although Harris put on a good show, his practical message stood out the most.

Davis said, “My favorite part was probably the illusionist. It was really cool how he tied in all his tricks with a lesson about how we shouldn’t be deceived.”

Sophomore marketing and international business double major Hallie Holden represented UMHB this year and helped facilitate the school’s involvement.
“I am most excited for all the other schools to see UMHB and see why we love our school,” she said. “I hope they get to see a little bit of what  makes it so great while they are on our campus.”

Author: The Bells Staff

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