Men’s basketball enjoys wins during holidays

The fall semester has come and gone, and students are returning to campus ready to start the spring semester after a nice long break in December.

However, while most students were enjoying the break, the Cru basketball teams continued their seasons, and the men went undefeated during the month of December.

The team maintained an eight-game win streak, which gave an 8-2 record at the end of the month. Although asking these students to commit so much of their time over the Christmas holidays may seem challenging, men’s basketball answered that call big time.

“Basketball student-athletes is the only group that the sport spans the two (spring and fall) long academic semesters,” men’s basketball Head Coach Ken DeWeese said. “They are on campus practicing, playing or traveling to play through Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. It’s just the way it is. Some athletes and some teams handle it better than others.”

Their season also has an extended amount of time in both semesters, making staying for the break between an even greater show of dedication by these student athletes.

Antonie Chaney, 5, drives to the basket against a LeTourneau
defender Dec. 1 at the Mayborn Campus Center. Photo by Jake Stamps/The Bells.

“It is hard playing through both semesters because you have to fi nd time in order to do school work and get through practices,” senior computer information systems major Brian Todd said. “You’re also missing class for road games during both semesters instead of just one.”

Having such a long season and always playing well is quite a challenge, but it is one that these student athletes tackle every year. Keeping their goals in sight is a key to their motivation during holiday

“Staying focused is what keeps us able to maintain a high level of play,” Todd said. “Game day is game day. The focus on that day is to get prepared to do what we have to do to win.”

The Cru played stellar basketball through the holiday season despite only having a small break for Christmas. DeWeese said that good practices with a good learning environment helped the Cru
maintain a high level during the semester break.

“It’s pretty challenging playing through December because everyone is at home on Christmas break, but we are still playing,” junior business management major James Allen said. “Coach just keeps us
focused during practice and games.”

The eight-game win streak began before players had their abbreviated Christmas holiday, so when they returned to the season, maintaining that momentum was no easy task.

“This year coming back from that break, we had one of our best practices,” Todd said. “I believe everyone enjoyed their break but also realized what we had to do and where we left off when we came back from the break.”

The Cru’s win streak came to an end Jan. 3, when they lost to the East Texas Baptist University Tigers in Marshall, Texas. The Cru fell behind early in the first half and couldn’t hold on to a second
half lead in a 66-57 loss. This dropped them to 5-1 in conference play.

Men’s basketball will face Concordia University tonight at 7:30 p.m. and arch rival Hardin-Simmons this coming Saturday.

Author: Seth Stephens

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