FYC plays matchmaker for Crusaders

Excitement filled the crisp, autumn air as students took their seats at the annual Date Auction. It was a fundraising event put on by First Year Council to raise money for Spring Formal, and they collected more than $1,400 from the event.

Here’s how it worked. Female students bid on their favorite of the 37 available single and group dates based strictly on the description of the date. The men waited, hidden among the crowd, watching the women place bids on their dates.

Dates ranged from single to group dates of up to four, from horseback riding to the Twilight premier and cost from $15 to $190.

Sophomore psychology major Andrew Alvarez thought it would be fun to take on a group date with two friends.

Freshman business major Dominic Rosato (left) and sophomore social work major Payton Pierce host the Nov. 15. annual Date Auction at the Burt Gazebo. Photo by Katelyn Holm/The Bells

The three planned a picnic followed by some “thrifting,” to shop for ’60s attire, which they plan to wear at the local roller rink.

“I’m just looking for a good time and a fun triple date,” Alvarez said.

Though he may not be searching for anything more than a night out with friends, college is a time of self discovery, and the university has seen its fair share of engagements.

Some hopeless romantics even plan to use the event to their advantage.

Sophomore accounting major Seth Michaelson wrote on his blog about his Date Auction experience. “Tonight I took part in a date auction,” he said, “I planned it to target specifically the girl I like.” All was going his way. The girl bid on the date but his roommate decided to intervene and drive up the price of the date. His roommate ended up winning, but he conceded the date, and Michaelson got the girl.

Romantic intentions or not, Date Auction provides a fun way to meet people.

“I think if things go well that the dates could lead to relationships,” said sophomore ministry major Alec Lloyd.

As an officer of FYC, Lloyd signed up and auctioned off a date that featured a little culinary adventure of homemade pizza and building a gingerbread house.

The key to the success of the event came from the bidders. The women’s reactions to the different dates varied but each date had someone who was willing to pay the price.

Freshman nursing major Julia Domicoli decided on a date of glow-in-the-dark miniature golf.

“I chose to bid on (my) date because the date seemed interesting, and it would be a fun way to get to know someone,” Domicoli said.

The fundraising will be a big help for Spring Formal where some of those attending may be on their second date.

Author: Christian Hernandez

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