CruFest celebrates Preview Weekend

Current and preview students enjoy an evening of creativity as they color, drink coffee and listen to music during CruFest. Photo by Halley Harrell/The Bells

Last Friday, letter jackets galore decorated campus. It was Preview Weekend, and high school students from around the state came to get a taste of college life. Thanks to Campus Activities Board, the visitors had an unforgettable experience.

An annual Preview Weekend event, CruFest offers visitors the chance to mingle with students through different activities ranging from coffee house concerts to flying down zip lines.

CAB puts great effort into planning the events and ensuring that things run smoothly. Junior education major Jessica Hoermann participated in the preparation.

“(W)e divide and conquer our events,” she said.

The various CAB members sign up for the different time slots to help pull off each event. This year, Hoermann signed up for CruFest and chose to organize the coffee house and concert portion of the evening.

“(It’s) one of my favorite events,” she said.

The coffee house event took place in Shelton Theater, which was filled with students chatting, coloring and enjoying the evening’s entertainment. Outdoors, another popular activity was the wax hand station.

“Literally there’s a vat of wax and you stick your hand in it, make any kind of shape that you want to, pull it out and let it cool,” Hoermann explained. “Last year, we had a ton of people do it. The line was forever long; we actually had to tell people they couldn’t do it by the end.”

This year, students stood in line for several hours just to make a wax souvenir.

“Apparently people have been lining up since 6:50 p.m., and our event didn’t even start until 7:30,” Hoermann said. “So that means that the wax hands is crazy popular and should be used for a lot of events.”

Through the activity, CAB helped host students interact with their high school guests through many fun experiences.

Freshman biology major Jennifer Owens and her roommate welcomed two students. She enjoyed getting to know the girls through the Preview Weekend events. Though her guests enjoyed CruFest, they were even more excited to try their luck at Running Man, a popular nighttime campus game.

“They really looked forward to playing, and they got all decked out in black,” Owens said. “It was really fun.”

Austen Hinojosa, a senior in high school, heard about Preview Weekend from his cousin, freshman sports management major Ryan Ramirez. He and his cousin spent CruFest racing on the bounce house obstacle course and were counting down the minutes to Running Man.

“We’ve already got a strategy,” Ramirez said.

Freshman exercise sport science major Jake Morrison tagged along with the two cousins and enjoyed meeting other preview students along the way.

He recalls the zip line as the night’s most exciting activity.

“I screamed on the way down,” he said. “It was very fun, though, once I got done. I laughed and cried a little bit.”

When the high school students took turns on the zip line, Morrison enjoyed watching their reactions.

“They screamed very loud,” he said. “I screamed with them just so they wouldn’t feel lonely.”

Author: Halley Harrell

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