Faith in party misled voters

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Presidential elections generally end with only half of the country satisfied.

The discord comes from the elected officials rarely get more than 53 percent of the popular vote.

After an election, social media are lit up with all kinds of opinions.

Just after the presidential election was called last week, my Facebook page was overloaded with many statuses bemoaning the reelection of Barack Obama, and others predicting the end of America and the birth of our new socialist state.

Several of my friends alluded that voting for Obama was unethical.

One even went so far as to say that the Americans who voted for Obama had forsaken God. That person is wrong.

They perpetuated a misplaced belief that only Republicans can uphold Christian values.

In the 1980s, a movement known as the moral majority gained substantial popularity in the U.S.

It was led by Rev. Jerry Falwell, who endorsed Ronald Reagan in his first campaign. The moral majority was made up of conservative Christians.

Though the organization has all but disbanded, the trend of conservative Christians exclusively supporting Republican candidates continues.

Virtually all of Congress is religious, and 86 percent identify as Christian.

There is vocal movement from religious leaders that Christians should support Republicans mainly due to their perceived pro-life stance.

However, most Republican politicians have little to show for it.

Christianity has been yoked with politics since it was made the state religion of the Roman Empire.

Church leaders used religion as a tool during the Middle Ages to sustain political power.

With the intention of directing America toward God, Christians now participate in the political process.

They have the best intentions, but they are sometime used by politicians.

The moral majority was right to recognize the brokenness of America, but they placed their hope in the false idols of political candidates when they should have looked to God for change.

The life of Jesus is the antithesis of what is expected of politicians.

Jesus called his followers to be meek and to be servant leaders.

Look to our politicians, and you will not find these attributes.

Politics is the only realm where words speak louder than actions, and this is the fault of voters.

Never elect politicians based on what they say. Instead, choose them for what they do.

Do not let anyone fool you into believing that there is one political candidate who is the Christian choice.

All congressmen are up for reelection in two years.

If you want to vote in a Christian fashion, then measure men by their action, not which party they are a part of.

Above all else, do not place your faith in political parties instead of God.

It is immoral, and you will be disappointed every time.

Author: Ethan Mitra

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