Black Ops promises dark future

November has come again gamers, and with it as promised, Activision’s newest first-person shooter. Call of Duty: Black Ops II has hit the shelves and is the game to have going into the holiday break.

The Treyarch creation has three facets that really make this game worth the wait.

The Campaign mode, set mostly in 2025 played as David Mason, son of Black Ops hero Alex Mason. In the technology-heavy future the U.S. military is prepared to handle just about anything, except its own droid army.

Terrorist mastermind and game antagonist, Raul Menendez, takes the military infrastructure for a little joy ride. The only thing that can stop him are the hands that built the military, American soldiers.

The online component to this game is completely different than its predecessor. For the first time in a Call of Duty game there is multi-team games with more than just two teams and that means many more enemies.

Also, the new create-a-class system will change the way online battles are played. Treyarch has implemented a “pick ten” system, wherein you have ten credits to budget their class however you would like.

This maximizes customization for any weapon class, reaching beyond just the weapons; if that means gamers have no primary weapon and six perks then so be it.

Rewarding players for consecutive kills without deaths, otherwise known as “kill streaks” will be done away with to make way for “score streaks.”

Individuals will now be rewarded on scores that encourage team play, awarding more points team-oriented play rather than for kills.

Futuristic score streaks include swarms of kamikaze drones as well as autonomous ground drones that are equipped with heavy artillery to enter enemy territory in the gamer’s place.

Tranzit opens the map to have various locations instead of bunkering down in one location and progress made in the mode gives the players clues to why they’re there and where to go next.

Survival is the mode that Zombies was based on, endless waves of zombies attack until the point of defeat. Grief is a new mode that puts a competitive edge on the ordinarily co-op game.

Two teams battle to a last-man-standing scenario, only the main enemy is the undead.

Lastly, the custom games allow players to skip the tedious first rounds of zombies, enable a headshots only feature or turn off magic items.

Also, to kick start the adrenaline of players, Avenged Sevenfold provides entertainment through the zombie apocalypse.

All in all, the new release shows a lot of promise and seems to be overshadowing the release of gaming rival Halo 4.

Happy gaming and remember “the future is black.”

Author: Christian Hernandez

Bio info coming soon!

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