Sophomore class takes win at annual Stunt Night

The crowd gathered in Walton Chapel was captivated by the humorous skits performed by each respective class at the annual Stunt Night. Faculty, staff, relatives and alumni joined students as they took in the night’s lineup of original entertainment.

Sophomore Christian ministries major Karl Baker played Jesus in the sophomores’ musical production with a plot about the life of Jeff Sutton. Baker and his friends devoted long hours of preparation for Stunt Night. The time spent with friends reminds him of what influenced his decision to participate this year.

“I was involved last year as a freshman,” he said. “I really enjoyed it … , so it was obvious I was going to do it again this year. It was where I met all my closest friends and the guys I live with now.”

Sophomore business major Stacy Syring played a backstage role in the yearly event. Her involvement in the Oct. 20 production wasn’t planned far in advance.

Sophomores Kia Torres, left, Emma Madeiros and Andrea Hale perform in the winnning skit at Stunt Night.eral the organization has sponsored this semester. Photo by Antonio Hebert/The Bells

She said, “I saw a random application and I thought it’d be fun, so I applied.”

When Syring first learned of the opportunity, she wanted to be a sophomore class director. However, when those positions were filled, an opening for a set designer presented itself.

“Tiffany Wurdeman, who is a sponsor, saw how well I had done for FYC decorating for Spring Formal, so they asked if I could be part of the set design,” she said.

Syring acknowledged that taking on the project was time consuming and demanded hard work. Nonetheless, she enjoyed the experience.

“I loved it. It’s fun. It’s a lot of long hours, but it’s a lot of fun work, especially when you get here and everybody tells you that it looks really awesome. That’s the best,” she said.

The freshman class performs its skit during Stunt Night. Photo by Jasmine Simmons/The Bells

The audience and performers alike were impressed with the set, complimenting her and her team. Syring said their inspiration for the set was this year’s theme, That’s Life.

Freshman Savannah Davis admired the work.

“The set looked good. I liked the birds and the clouds,” she said.

Responses from the spectators were positive. Davis was pleased with her initial Stunt Night experience.

She said, “It was my first time to see it, but it was really cool. It was really funny and fun to watch.”

For Davis, the highlight of the evening was the sentimental performance by the senior class.

“My favorite part was the seniors’ last song. I like how it relived all their years here and how they would do it all again,” she said.

Though each class was received warmly, the group that stole the show was the sophomores. The judges selected the sophomore class as the overall winners.

Sophomore economics major Ryan Sewell, who played the central character, said the substantial amount of time he and his class spent practicing paid off.

“It was an incredible moment when they called us up,” he said. “We put in a lot of hard work, went in with a lot of confidence and knew we had a good show. Winning was a shock, but we went up there and had a blast celebrating.”

Sophomore mass communication /journalism major Katelyn Holm was a co-director and scriptwriter for the class performance.

She said, “I was just really proud because we worked for so many hours every week. Towards the end, it felt like the performance was never going to be here, and we were wasting so much time in practice. But then when they called up the sophomores, I was proud of us because we had worked so hard.”

The sophomores’ passion for their part in the production resulted in a confidence that was obvious to those who saw the performance.

“We had also done a lot of trash talking,” Holm said. “It was nice to know that our hard work was rewarded.”

Senior accounting major Audrey Ohendalski was a co-director and scriptwriter for the senior class, which won the Campus Choice Award. She’s glad she was able to make a few more memories with her class before parting after graduation.

“I was so proud of all of our cast members. I heard good things, and I think they definitely played it up and got into their characters. We were all glad that we could do it together one last time.”

The theme for the script was senior citizenship. They were inspired by classic television series and life experience.

“We thought of the idea by looking at scenes from TV shows,” she said. “Then we also met with the senior class because we wanted it to be a group effort. We collected the ideas and saw what worked with our cast. We also talked to our grandparents.

Ohendalski said she was excited to win the Campus Choice Award. It was a first time for her group.

“We have never won that award. … That made us really happy. We were really proud of all the classes and how well they did. It was a lot of fun.”

Author: Antonio Hebert

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