Jay-Z joins 2K Sports to make newest videogame, NBA2K13

2K Sports does it again with its release of its newest video game: NBA2K13. The game gives basketball fans the most realistic NBA game play ever. Executive producer/hip-hop phenom Jay-Z helped bring the game’s presentation and entertainment elements to a whole new level. BleacherReport.com awards the game, “the sports game of the year” due to its new features.

The control stick is brand new and will allow the gamers to control everything they can do with a basketball with one part of the controller.

This feature took multiple buttons and controls on previous versions of basketball video games.

From jump shots to feeding the post down low, the gamer will have the option to freestyle moves by using the control stick.

2K Beats is back with a new set of music hits and instrumentals. The soundtrack blends U2, Coldplay, Kanye West, and Jay-Z to make the ultimate music playlist. 2K Shoes has returned with the original My Shoes option, but allows the gamer now to have access to the 2K Shoe Creator.

The players will be able to wear fan favorite shoes ranging from Jordans to Lebrons, but also have the option to create custom shoes they can call their own.

NIKEiD has teamed up with 2K Shoes and allow the gamer to bring their real life shoe creations into the game.

The Quick Game mode will now have a new selection of teams to choose from. The debated rivalry of the ’ 92 U.S.A. Dream Team vs. ’12 Team USA will allow gamers to play which team they think is the best.

Some legendary basketball teams like the ’92 Chicago Bulls, ’93 Houston Rockets, and ’01 Philadelphia 76ers, as well as many other teams will have the option of taking the court as well.

The Signature Skills game play has had a complete makeover.

Star players and teammates will have the unique ability to alter the course of a game. Kobe Bryant has been labeled a “Shot Creator,” while Kevin Durant has the title of “The Closer.” Star players will have the ability to take over a game by how the gamer plays, making the game mode more realistic.

Players have also had a makeover from real life tattoos to hair-cut styles. From Lebron’s newest tattoo, to who’s wearing the newest shoes, NBA2K13 has taken the realistic aspect of the game’s physical and cosmetic traits to another level.

Sport broadcasters Kevin Harlan, Steve Kerr, and Clark Kellog have allowed the gamer the most realistic sports commentary.

Commentators will have no simple one-liners, as they will give in-depth game statistics and transform the gamer into forgetting that he or she is playing a videogame and not watching an NBA tournament.

From the new control stick button layout to the best sport commentary ever seen in a video game, Jay-Z and 2K Sports are proud to combine strategies to make this game the virtual basketball experience of a lifetime.

Jay-Z told CNN reporters about his collaboration with 2k Sports

“This has been a unique opportunity to collaborate with 2K Sports and be part of one of the best sports video games in history,” Jay-Z said. “NBA2K13 will be the next evolution in sports and basketball culture, and I’m ready to usher in the new era of the franchise.”

Author: Jake Stamps

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