Crusaders band together, release new project

It is impossible to decide on a band’s genre when the members’ inspirations range from Devil Wears Prada to Copeland; from Circa Survive to Blink. Local band Embrace the Distance has blended these sounds into its own unique mix, which will be displayed in its first full album titled Distractions.

“We’re completely different musicians. We all have completely different inspirations,” sophomore information systems major and bass player Reagan Beard said. “When we first got together, we actually kind of clashed a lot, but we ended up making it work and figuring out how those different sounds would go together.”

The group spent three weeks recording in Katy, Texas, the hometown of sophomore Christian studies major and guitarist Tyler Hulbert. In the studio, they perfected 11 original songs for the album, which will be released Nov. 16.

“Over last Christmas break, I recorded one song that I wrote just for the heck of it, and that really brought to light the passion I had for writing,” Hulbert said. “It was really cool to an extent on my own, but there is so much of a difference in writing music and recording with other people.”

Hulbert, Beard and sophomore marketing major and guitarist Ryan White started Embrace the Distance in March. This year they are roommates; living together has helped bring them closer as friends and musicians.

“The special thing is we can walk into the living room with a guitar or a vocal idea and just start writing right there,” White said. “Living with these guys, you get to know things about them. Whether it’s verbal or not verbal, you figure out how they work.”

Soon after the band formed, the original trio added sophomore history major Matt Boden at drums. Three weeks later they performed five original songs at their first show in Round Rock, Texas.

“I’m primarily a guitar player,” Boden said. “All they had heard was guitar but they asked me to be the drummer in their band. We jammed some ,and the chemistry worked really well.”

Striking a balance between schoolwork and extracurricular activities is a challenge to any student. Embrace the Distance members have struggled to find time for their music this year.

“We could have been playing a ton of more shows this semester but me being a cheerleader, I have to cheer at football games, and the majority of our games are away this year,” White said. “Next semester we’re looking forward to playing more shows and doing a lot more stuff with the band.”

Although they cannot place their musical sound in a certain genre, they think they have found a unique and attractive style. Members believe that this mix could be a breath of fresh air to the music scene.

“It sounds like a really stereotypical answer, but we really want to stick with the Embrace the Distance sound,” Beard said. “We’ve made up our own thing, and we don’t want to leave it. We want to have our own defined sound.”

Through songs they hope to express that they are normal students with a love for music.

“A big goal is to live out our music,” Boden said. “Not just write about things but to also live out what we write about.”

They hope to sell 200 copies of Distractions on campus.

“Our mission is to make the music we love to create,” Hulbert said. “At first, yeah, people are going to naturally be a little skeptical, but once they hear us and what we have to offer, people start to take us more seriously and like our stuff.”

Author: Seth Stephens

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