Why I’m voting Republican

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I am Republican because I believe in addressing problems and solving them.

Conservative principles in which Republicans firmly believe have been at the core of our nation and its governmental history since its founding.

As a conservative Republican, I care deeply about the nation’s moral state, having a free market economy, and taking responsibility for our own actions.

The killing of the unborn is an atrocity that is depriving America and the world of lives that could be making societal differences.

It is wrong to take the life of an innocent human being, regardless of his or her age or stage of development. Merely calling the baby a fetus does not excuse murder.

Furthermore, throughout history, Democrats have claimed to stand up for the rights of the underprivileged and those who have no voice.

Why are they not protecting the rights of the unborn?

Unraveling the fabric of the traditional family, which has been the basic social unit through which American ideals are taught for centuries, by encouraging homosexuals to marry has caused moral, social, and health related problems.

Studies suggest that children adopted by homosexual couples develop related psychological problems.

Republicans, in large part, believe in proactive problem solving as opposed to thoughtless reactive measures.

Creating jobs and using our own natural resources is the solution to economic problems. Giving Americans jobs is what keeps the economy functioning properly.

Outsourcing work to foreign countries will not help the plight of U.S. citizens.

Many Americans are insulted and appalled at how dependent the United States has become on foreign governments.

Borrowing outrageous sums of money from nations, subjecting our great country to the wills of others is a far cry from the liberty and independence the United States was founded on.

As Republicans, we believe personal responsibility, governmental accountability and financial planning are what keep the economy healthy.

Raising taxes does not work either.

Historically, this approach only slows the economy because customers spend less when they have less money.

What will rescue our economy is using the resources this nation has been blessed with and hiring Americans to manage and operate the companies that extract, refine and market those resources.

Conservatives, throughout history, have upheld the fundamental standards on which America was built: independence, economic freedom, and morals taught by the traditional family unit.

I will be voting Republican because it is obvious that America needs a dramatic change in course. We need a competent administration with sound character and integrity.

Vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan made a statement at the Oct. 11 debate that demonstrated the integrity America needs.

“I don’t see how a person can separate their public life from their private life, or from their faith. Our faith informs us in everything we do,” Ryan said.

This kind of candidness and honesty are what will redeem America.

Republicans want to see America once again claim its independence and return to its days of international might and splendor.

Author: Antonio Hebert

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