Why I’m voting Democratic

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By Ella Rowand

I consider myself a moderate Republican. Nevertheless, I am voting for the Democratic candidate.

Mitt Romney, like any politician, has his good and bad policies and ideas.

However, I feel that as a presidential candidate, he has more of the negative than positive.

The biggest reason I am voting Democrat is the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as ObamaCare.

The controversial legislation, while not perfect, has many benefits for me and my family as well as millions of others around the nation.

For example, millions of young adults are covered under their parents’ health insurance until they are 26 or married (myself included).

Abortions have dropped 62% since the birth-control mandate went into effect. I could continue on and on about the benefits of this bill.

Romney wants to “repeal and replace,” meaning he will distribute waivers to the states while he works on repealing the bill and then leave it up to the states to deal with the issue.

Each state would have its own laws and policies regarding health care.

The problem with this is that it puts us back at square one. If the states had been taking care of the issue all along, ObamaCare would not be necessary.

The Romney campaign says that the ACA will take money from seniors, raise taxes by an exorbitant amount and add to the deficit.

However, rather than taking money from seniors on Medicare, Obama is reducing overpayments that have been being made to providers.

The bill does raise taxes, but not in the way Romney suggests.

And while there is much debate on whether or not ObamaCare adds to the deficit, in the long term, the bill is meant to reduce health care costs across the board.

This is not to say Romney does not have any good points.

For example, his Social Security reforms are a solid step in the right direction.

Closing loopholes in the tax code is a smart and long-needed reform.

But saying that lowering taxes and cutting regulation will create jobs just is not true.

A lack of regulation is part of what caused the recession.

While Obama has been president, he has worked diligently to lower the unemployment rate.

Since the peak of unemployment in 2010, the rate has steadily declined under the Obama administration.

Romney says he has a great plan to jump-start the economy, but he has yet to state any real specifics about this plan.

On his website and during the debate, he touts his “5-Point Plan”: energy independence, emphasis on higher education and job training, trade reform, eliminate the deficit and encourage small business growth.

I feel that all these are great, but lack the necessary details explaining what makes them feasible.

Obama has shown what he plans to continue doing to spur job creation, and the recent unemployment numbers prove that his tactics are working.

Health care and the economy are only two of the reasons I am voting for Obama in November, but I feel they are the most important.

Unlike Romney, who wants to return to the failed policies of the past, Obama has proved what he believes in and that his policies work.

Even though I know Romney will win Texas, I cannot in good conscience vote for him.

Author: The Bells Staff

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