The Walking Dead brings TV to life

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the survivors are back in the third season of The Walking Dead along with the flesh eating zombies and the unsightly image of rotting corpses. The AMC zombie drama returned Oct 14. Based on the comic book series with the same name, The Walking Dead tells the story of a group of survivors trying to live through the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse.

For those of you who need a reminder on what events took place last year, here’s a recap.

The second season began with Rick and the survivors escaping the CDC. The group travels to Fort Benning and gets stuck on Interstate 85. Sophie (Madison Lintz), Carol’s (Melissa McBride’s) daughter is chased out into the woods and the survivors break out into search parties only to find out later she has turned into a zombie.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes, wards off zombies. MCT Campus.

The search for Sophie leads the group to finding refuge at a nearby barn unaware of the fact that walkers are being hidden in a nearby stable.

Halfway through the season, Rick finds out that Lori (Sarah Wayne Callies) is pregnant with their second child. The twist is the baby could be either Rick’s or Shane’s (Jon Bernthal).

Shane’s obsessive behavior toward Lori becomes out of control, forcing Rick to kill him during the penultimate episode of the series.

Season two ends with viewers watching as Rick reveals to the survivors the secret Dr. Jenner told him toward the end of season one – all of the survivors are infected.

Some new characters come into play this season including The Governor played by David Morrissey and Michonne played by Danai Guria.

Season three picks up with Rick and the other survivors finally making it to the prison that was seen on the last episode of last season after jumping from house to house. The episode also establishes that Rick and Lori are barely on speaking terms. They decide to clear out the prison so Lori can have a safe place to have her baby.

Andrea (Laurie Holden), who was presumed dead, is reintroduced to the storyline with newcomer Michonne who rescued her last season.

The new episode didn’t spend too much time with them, but it is clear that they’ve developed a strong bond and have come to rely on each other.

Andrea also seems to be suffering from some sort of ailment.

The prison isn’t what it’s expected to be. The group gets attacked by walkers right off the bat and Hershel (Scott Wilson) ends up getting his leg amputated by Rick because of being bitten by a walker.

The premier ends with Rick and the others realizing there are unknown survivors lurking inside the prison.

The third season comes with 16 episodes and will be split in half. The first eight episodes will air during the fall, while the remainder are scheduled to air sometime in early spring of 2013.

Will Rick and Lori’s marriage survive? Will the survivors ever find a safe haven? Will The Governor turn out to be a friend or a foe? Those are just a few questions that are sure to be answered as this year’s season continues to unfold.

Tune in to The Walking Dead every Sunday at 8 p.m. on AMC.

Author: April Littleton

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