Students reveal patriotic side with ’Merica Monday

If a stranger visited campus on a typical Monday, he might stop and ask himself, “Why are these students celebrating the Fourth of July in the middle of the fall?”

The answer is simple: It’s ’Merica Monday. Each week, a group of Crusaders honors old glory by donning their most patriotic outfits.

Sophomore business administration major Ryan Sewell is said to be the mastermind behind the ‘Merica Monday fun.

The trend is on the rise on campus, and Sewell wanted to get the word out by taking his idea to the Campus Activities Board.

Senior journalism major Tanner Clarke (left) and sophomore business major Ryan Sewell assist with Constitution Day. Photo by Kathryn Smith/The Bells.

Lucky for Sewell, a patriotic palooza was in the works. Sept. 17 was Constitution Day, and the university planned to raise awareness about its history.

CAB Assistant Director Jeff Sutton explained that schools celebrate the anniversary of the U.S. Constitution and the men who signed it in 1787.

“It’s the next best thing to the Fourth of July,” senior sociology major Mary Baucom said.

Held at noon in the SUB, the celebration offered pamphlets and cupcakes to students. Though it is not the first time CAB had honored Constitution Day, this year’s event was one of the biggest yet.

“’Merica Monday just kick started it,” Sewell said.

Sophomore nursing major Lizzy McElyea was excited to be involved.

“I got a Facebook invite that said it was Constitution Day and to wear red, white and blue to rep your American pride, so that is exactly what I did,” she said. “Me and my roommate decided we’d find what red, white and blue we had in our closets.”

McElyea completed her look with a manicure even Betsy Ross would envy.

“I have a psuedo-American flag when I put all my nails together,” she said.

Freshman finance major James Ewing was also ready to party like a patriot. He sported red pants and a blue American flag graphic T-shirt.

“It’s kind of an underlying tone on campus that it’s ’Merica Monday, so you’re supposed to dress up for America,” he said. “Then Constitution Day was on Monday… mainly how I knew about it was through my friend who works for CAB.”

Freshman business marketing major Ashley Lovett is another CAB member who participated in the event. She credits Sewell for inspiring the red, white and blue wardrobe.

“I (dressed up) the last two Mondays. I went thrifting today so I (would) have two more Mondays before I have to recycle,” she said.

Both she and Ewing agree that Constitution Day was a success.

“I didn’t need a cupcake. I just went because I love America,” Lovett said.

“Oh yeah,” Ewing said. “I’m a huge America fan.”

Though Constitution Day has passed, the ’Merica Monday tradition continues. Each week, more students join the movement to prove their patriotism.

“I’m getting ready to put pajamas on, and they are red white and blue,” McElyea said. “Even in the spirit of my nap, I will be representing America.”

Author: Halley Harrell

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