Speaker demonstrates the Lord’s plan

From the stacks of the world’s most renowned libraries to the beliefs of the most prolific theologians of our times, there are varying thoughts and beliefs about the will of God.

People often find themselves asking “What is God’s specific plan for my life? How can I find my calling and purpose?” If you’ve ever found yourselves thinking such thoughts, you’re not the only one.

Austin Fischer, college pastor at the Vista Church in Belton, spoke at the Oct. 10 chapel on God’s will. He believes that we are misguided when it comes to searching for the Lord’s plans in our lives.

“It seems the biggest mistake our generation makes—and in particular the religious subculture we are a part of makes—is the assumption that God has a specific will for our lives which we are supposed to seek out and try to find,” he said. “As such, we waste untold amounts of energy looking for something that doesn’t exist: a specific, meticulously mapped-out will for our lives.”

Vista college pastor Austin Fischer is leading a two-week series on finding God’s will. Fischer gave the first message Oct. 10. Photo by Deanna Dawdy/The Bells.

Fischer believes that we focus too much on what we don’t know rather than what we do.

Senior Christian studies major Cody Roth said, “I’ve been trusting God my whole life, and he hasn’t failed me.”

This is the attitude Fischer wants students to take. He encourages them to look at what God is doing in their lives rather than a sign.

He thinks there are pitfalls in being on a Christian campus.

“In relation to determining God’s will on a Christian campus, perhaps the greatest danger is being too spiritual about it,” he said. “God speaks to us through the lives he has given us, our likes and dislikes, our abilities and limitations, the people and circumstances around us.”

Fischer encourages students to be engaged in the Bible.

Freshman church music major Greggory Miller said, “The Bible is your instruction manual, so you should always spend time in it. Constantly look back on the Word. As you live, knowing God’s instructions, you are going to do His will because that is what he would have you do.”

Often times there are so many ideas about God’s will that it becomes confusing.

“While there are lots of viewpoints and opinions on this topic, encouragement and peace comes from letting Scripture speak to us on this matter,” Fischer said.

In his sermon he mentioned that in living out a life that is God centered, Christians would be doing his will.

He used the example of Adam in the garden to explain that God told Adam he could eat from any tree he wanted and that Adam wasn’t limited to a certain schedule for eating fruit.

The only limitation Adam had was not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

In the same way, Fischer believes that God has no specific plan in lives but rather a general plan.

“We are never, ever told to try to seek or find God’s specific will for our lives just as we are never, ever told God has a specific will for our lives. Rather, scripture indicates that God’s will for our lives is to be thought of generally as opposed to specifically,” he said.

Fischer indicated that God’s plan is found in following Jesus.

“God’s will is that we would follow Jesus, that we’d be a blessing to the world, and that we’d find meaningful work that makes us whole and brings us joy,” he said. “It’s something you will naturally find yourself living out as you follow Jesus. So quit freaking out and start following Jesus.”

Author: Tyler Agnew

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