Intramurals: friendship, rec, rivalry

The university kicked off its intramural and campus recreation season with the start of flag football Sept. 10. Spectators crowded the sidelines as they cheered for their favorite teams such as Super Heroes in Training, The Fighting Pickles and reigning champions Young and Reckless.

Fifteen teams are competing in the co-rec division this year, and three make up the men’s division.

While some are preparing for playoffs in October, others view game days as a time to enjoy the college community.

“Last year I was so involved I didn’t really have a chance to do intramurals,” sophomore international business major Jonathan Kendall said. “This year I want to use intramurals as a way to have community with other people.”

Coed flag football players compete in a hard-fought game. Intramurals provide an outlet for all students to get involved. Photo by Seth Stephens.

Friendships as well as rivalries are forged through flag football. Students often start a team with their friends, or students join a team to create friendships.

“It’s definitely a way to meet new people because you see people not only that are freshmen but also people that live in apartments and off campus,” junior nursing major Paige Hill said. “So you get to meet people from senior to freshman class.”

Director of Campus Recreation Sue Weaver urges students to become involved in intramurals and campus rec events to stay active.

She is also excited about using the new Rec Plex area for different events.

“The UMHB administration has been really supportive in providing really nice rec facilities,” Weaver said. “So we all need to make sure we take advantage of them.”

This year intramural and rec has gone online, using the interface. Students must create an online account to participate in any intramural or campus rec event.

They can also use to find a team to play on or to find players to add to their current team.

Spike-Fest took place Sept. 21. The four-on-four beach volleyball tournament was held at the new Rec Plex.

The atmosphere was electric with music, snacks, fun and intense competition.

“Spike-Fest is the perfect event for friends to come together for a common purpose and just have fun being out there with the UMHB community,” Weaver said. “It’s like a family reunion where everybody participates in the game just to be a part of the fun.”

Spike-Fest took advantage of the additional beach volleyball court at the Rec Plex by fielding 26 teams.

Campus Activities Board provided watermelon, other snacks and water. A prize also went to team Panda Power for the most creative uniforms.

After five hours of fierce competition, Team Falcon Punch took home the championship after winning six matches.

Freshman nursing major and member of the winning team Greg Applegate explained the thrill of victory.

“It was one of the most exciting things to happen to me,” he said. “I love my teammates and am incredibly proud of them for their accomplishment.”

Other sports will include basketball, indoor volleyball, soccer, softball, ultimate frisbee and more at later times this year. Campus rec will also host Play Day.

“A lot of us became friends because of intramurals,” sophomore nursing major Rae Natzke said. “Two of my current roommates, I met through flag football last year. We became best friends.”

Author: Seth Stephens

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