Bond film celebrates “gold” anniversary

Fifty years ago, an iconic legend burst onto the big screen. On Oct. 12, 1962, the first James Bond movie, Dr. No, premiered.

Ian Flemings’ character, James Bond: 007, was modeled after Merlin Minshall, who worked for Fleming as a World War II spy. But the name “Bond” Fleming took from a Caribbean bird expert and ornithologist. And now this name is a legend.

Although Dr. No is not considered the greatest Bond film, another stands out that was made two years later: Goldfinger.

With fast cars, double-crossing women, slick gadgets and outrageous power-hungry villains, James Bond makes Goldfingerthe most essential of all the films.

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In Dr. No, Bond goes to Jamaica to investigate the death of a fellow British agent. Soon he is led to the underground base of Dr. Julius No, who is plotting to disrupt an American space launch.

Of course, scantily clad girls are in the movies. Ursula Andress co-stars in Dr. No as she Honey Ryder. Often referred to as the “definitive” Bond Girl, Andress’ appearance made her the first in a long line of actresses to add the “Bond Girl” status to their resumes.

The first Bond, Sean Connery, set the tone for the hero in six of the films through the early 1960s to the early 1970s.

Roger Moore, who played the hero for seven movies, was a little more comic and lighthearted.

Timothy Dalton brought the character down to earth, making him a relatable character for two films.

Pierce Brosnan played the agent four times and brought charm to the character.

Daniel Craig, the current secret agent, brings back the Sean Connery days to the character. Craig has starred in Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace and Skyfall which will premiere Nov. 9.

Agent 007 is a legend and will be remembered for his charm, tough appearance, cars and martinis, shaken, not stirred.

Author: Elissa Thompson

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