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The well-known Ford mustang is possibly getting a European style makeover.

While still only a concept, it is scheduled to arrive in 2014 at the New York Auto Show as a 2015 model, which is coincidentally the 50th anniversary of the pony car.

According to, Ford said that the Mustang will be more modern because of the previous announcements about their One Ford global model policy. This means that the Mustang will be exported to markets outside of the U.S.

Ford has been tight-lipped about the new pony, but the rumor mill is flooded with insider reports that it will be smaller, lighter, more fuel efficient and feature less of a retro look than the current car. said that Ford is so diligent about its overseas expansion that the company will even offer a right-hand-drive version of the two-door coupe in the U.K.

Some fans aren’t sure, though, that going global is a good idea for Ford.

“It doesn’t seem like it’s an American-made car anymore, and that’s what people want. And that’s what I would think about when I heard ‘Ford Mustang,’” sophomore Christian studies major Ryan Morris said.

The European style is very different and unique from the “classic” Mustang, and yet, it is high-class. Ford seems to be marketing to the upper class and not as much to the younger generations.

As for the body of the car, junior nursing major Tim Phillips knows about the body of the muscle car.

“The new style is interesting. Like so many other car manufacturers, they are trying to be on the brink of innovation and style. And the Mustang being the original pony car, they are not about to be left behind in this race. It is simply put a slim and sleeker body than the current models. They say it may end up a little shorter than current models as well,” he said.

No doubt the Mustang has come a long way since 1961 when Lee Iacocca, vice president and manager of the Ford division came up with the idea.

In 1964 the first Mustang rolled off the assembly line. The biggest change to the car; a new fastback model was made in 1965. It became the basis for Carroll Shelby’s GT350.

The Mustang is, of course, one of Ford’s most classic and well-known vehicles, making it an American classic.

Ford seems to be going over the top with this new design, possibly to compare to the new style of cars that are beginning to evolve, like the Fiat.

With the new European look to correspond with the rest of the world, it is possible that Ford will lose its American consumers as well as its Mustang enthusiasts all over the world.

Buyers and fans prefer the old look of the car to the new style.

Junior studio art major Jaime Stephens owns a 2010 pony car and doesn’t think the new model will become her favorite.

“I don’t like it. I feel that it’s now trying to compete with other sports cars, like the Aston Martin, instead of living up to its roots. It’s losing the muscle car feel and what it once was,” she said.

Today’s Mustang is the slimmest and trimmest of the American muscle cars, but the competition, General Motors, might change its make of the next generation of the Camaro. This could be damaging to the rivalry, and the Camaro is becoming the next American favorite.

“Ford has always made the Mustang to be the affordable sports car by offering many models. The 2015 will probably be the most diverse model they have come around with,” Phillips said.

Whether or not we see this style in the future, the Mustang will always be an American classic.

Author: Elissa Thompson

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