SGA implements creative ideas from students

With the school year in full swing, students are already looking toward the future. Ideas of change are in the air.

One group of student leaders isn’t just coming up with plans, but putting them into action for the rest of the university.

They are the Student Government Association, made up of six officers from each class and multiple representatives from around the campus.

It also includes an executive cabinet consisting of the student body president, internal vice president, external vice president, director of finance and organizations, director of programs and public relations, director of spiritual life and director of resources.

“SGA is the gateway for change on this campus,” Internal vice president and senior social work major Caitlin Hiett said. “Student Government is the bridge between faculty and students.”

The cabinet of students takes their job seriously because they are students as well and want to see things change.

“It’s a way for me to serve the school,” External vice president and junior Christian ministry major Eddie Kahler said. “It’s a way for me to help make things better and make things easier for the student body.”

Expectations are high for this year’s group of student leaders in SGA, with many excited to see what is being produced.

“If people were born to be in a position, they are all in the right position, and you don’t get that every year,” SGA adviser Tiffany Wurdemann said. “We have people who are devoted. They’ve set this high standard for themselves that I don’t even have to set.”

For all in the group, a Christ-like mentality helps their positions be more than just getting things done.

“It’s all about service, and you have to be humble,” Student Body President and senior international business major Kassidy Harris said. “It’s a lot of behind – the – scene work and bridging that gap between the administration and the student body.”

With a good cast set up in the organization this year, the only thing that is missing is ideas from students.

Change will only come if students step out and get their voices heard.

“The student body needs to remember that change is also in their hands,” Hiett said. “Although we are the voice of the student body, we need their ideas as well as our own to make positive changes.”

Students in SGA are open to suggestions and are in the organization to serve the university.

“I’m here if people just need to come and talk about their ideas about what we could change on this campus,” Harris said. “My goal is just to be Jesus’ hands and feet, and do whatever I need to do for the student body.”

Lofty goals are being set and big thoughts of change are going through the minds of those in SGA and enthusiasm is high.

“We are really hoping we can get some good stuff done this year and make it a lot easier on students,” Kahler said.

When it comes to passing school laws, SGA keeps the interests of the students in mind.

“We want to have effective solid bills go through that are not just bills to fill up time or bills to just say we did something, but bills that will contribute to students and actually make things better for them.”

SGA holds elections each semester, and those interested are encouraged to attend any of the meetings Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. to see how the organization works.

The biggest piece of advice to those who want change on campus is to get to know the people who represent them.

Author: Tanner Clarke

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