Nurses give back through snacks

If you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up that will only costs you 50 cents, head over to the snack concession on the second floor of Davidson.

Sponsored by the Nursing Student Association, the food stand serves a variety of goods, including soft drinks, popcorn, bottled water and candy.

The NSA is an organization that offers opportunities for mentorship and leadership.

It not only raises money for nursing conventions, but is a means to give back to the community and members hope someday to help future nursing students with financial aid.

Sophomore nursing major Whitney Cox buys a coke. Money
raised by the snack stand will go toward NSA’s projects. Photo by Lauren Jones/The Bells.

J2 nursing major Ana Barefield said, “Our organization seeks out fundraising opportunities that help us pay for nursing students’ costs for events such as Council of Schools where all the nursing schools in the state of Texas gather together for a meeting of the minds. Our organization also sends students to a Texas Nursing Students Association state convention in the spring where students serve as delegates to represent our university,” she said.

She hopes that the students who serve will be provided with financial help.

“We also hope to eventually be able to provide scholarships that are directly available to UMHB nursing students for books and other costs,” Barefield said. “That is still a work in progress.”

S2 nursing major and president of NSA April Lee discussed how the association promotes several events throughout the semester.

They include two bake sales and community activities done around the Temple area.

“There are so many things we try to sponsor. Right now, we’re raising funds for the Arch of Bell County. We do a Valentine’s Day dance and Halloween dance with them. In the fall toward Christmas, we donate a Christmas tree to Meridian. It’s like a nursing home facility, and the tree is auctioned off and the funds support Alzheimer’s,”she said.

NSA also sponsors the Girls Scouts Capstone event in the fall.

Adviser of the organization and Professor of nursing Mary Ervi wants students to take on a more active role when it comes to serving the community and see the benefits of joining NSA.

“You get some discounts on certain items and reviews for boards. We also provide educational resources for the students. What we like to tell students is that when you go for a job interview and you have on your resume that you were involved, or that you held a board position in the organization … That really looks nice on an application,” she said.

Junior nursing major Brittany Haines is thrilled about her decision to become a part of the organization and the opportunities it provides.

She said, “I joined because it is a tremendous way to first serve (I am all about serving others) the UMHB nursing students by providing a network of students from different levels in the program.”

Haines hopes other nursing majors will build up the courage to join the cause.

“It is a time to come together as future nurses and to fellowship together. I knew that NSA was a great way to network at state and national levels, and I wanted to be a part of this. Since NSA is a nationally recognized organization, I knew it would help me succeed (in) my goals and dreams for the future, a small stepping stool for my big dreams,” she said.

Author: April Littleton

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