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Phone usage has become obsessive and habitual — almost involuntary. It’s extremely addictive for people of different ages, all around the world. In fact, some would rather give up food than fork over their cellphone.

From music to paperless books and flashlights, phones these days have it all. They can be personalized with custom cases, backgrounds and specialized passcodes.

Whatever the case may be, your phone says something about who you are.

Freshman organismal biology major Victoria Camenisch enjoys the fact that her phone isn’t fragile like the newer smart phones.

She said, “I drop my phone all the time, and my phone still hasn’t broken. It’s sturdy, and it doesn’t need an expensive case to keep it safe. The keyboard slides out because I text a lot…. I think my phone matches my personality because I’m social and practical. I am what I am.”

She doesn’t feel the need to have apps or other high-tech accessories because her phone is sufficient for what she cares about: communication.

She said, “Obviously, I have the uncool phone without Internet and everything. But I do text people a lot so we can meet up. I’m in constant communication with my friends and my family while I’m away.”

Other students prefer smart phones that give them access to social media and apps.

Freshman Christian ministries major Jaron Haas said, “I have a Droid 3. I use it for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I also keep up with sports and like to know what’s going on.”

Because Haas appreciates and values hard work, he was more specific when he purchased his phone.

“I worked really hard this summer to buy a phone, so I wanted the top of the line. Because it was something I bought on my own, I wanted it to be everything I needed. I picked the Droid 3 because it has a keyboard that slides out, which I use for texting. I feel like everyone has an iPhone, so I wanted to be different,” he said.

Sophomore chemistry major Marie Stephensen has a different outlook, preferring the features of the newest iPhone.

“If I didn’t have my phone, I would die,” she joked. “It bothers me not to have it within arm’s reach. I may not use it all the time, but I want it there. I have everything in folders because I have to keep everything organized and as small as possible.”

Stephensen’s personality is reflected in how she organizes her data, as well as how she enjoys the apps that Apple products provide.

“I probably use Safari the most because I do a lot of reading on my phone. I also listen to music on it. I have the Ironman soundtrack in my iTunes, which is my favorite. My case is Ironman, too. My phone says that I’m organized and the case shows what I like.”

While sophomore clinical lab science and nursing major Kia Torres also has an iPhone, she utilizes it in a different way.

She said, “I use Instagram a lot because I love taking pictures and editing them. … I also use Facebook a lot to stay social and involved.”

Along with the social apps Torres uses, she also claims to be a clock watcher.

“Without my phone, I would never know what time it was …. I am the person in class who is constantly checking my phone, counting down the minutes until the end of class. When I don’t have my phone, I freak out wondering what time it is. I’m not so attached that I would lose function without it, but I would lose a lot of communication without my phone,” she said.

Torres accessorizes her mobile device in a special way.

“My phone says a lot about me. I love my case because my mom gave it to me, so it’s kind of sentimental. My case has lots of different colored owls on it. Owls are just my absolute favorite because they make me happy. My apartment is filled with cute owls, too. My phone definitely expresses who I am,” she said.

Freshman Savannah Davis doesn’t have the most high- tech phone, but she shows her individuality through taking her own photos and using them as screensavers.

“My background is of a tree I saw when I went dove hunting. I really enjoy being outdoors, and photography is also something I enjoy. My background matches who I am,” she said.

Sophomore Christian ministries major Alec Lloyd agrees that his background is more personal rather than a generic picture.

He said, “I have two different backgrounds on my phone. On the lock screen is the UMHB Freedom Movement logo. On my home screen is a picture of this year’s FYC leaders. This shows that I really care about the things I’m involved with at UMHB, especially those two organizations and the people that are involved with them.”

Author: Katelyn Holm

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