Chapel speakers offer spiritual growth, faith and new opportunities

It’s Wednesday. You can taste the weekend, but you can’t quite savor its goodness because a long week of classes has left your taste buds bland. It’s that day in the week where your life seems like an uphill battle. As you look through your schedule, you remember you have chapel and feel like the day will drag on forever. But the opposite can be true if you give chapel a chance.

Since the school was founded in 1845, chapel has been a key contributor in enriching the lives of students.

Sophomore history major Matthew Boden said, “Chapel helps to get me back in a right mindset.”

Throughout the week, students find themselves struggling to keep their priorities in line. Classes, projects, sporting events, you name it; they all take a toll on the production of the individual.

Dina Dwyer-Owens, chair and executive officer for The Dwyer Group, is best known for her role in Undercover Boss. Photo by Cameron Korenek/The Bells.

“It’s a good reminder of why I’m at school, and why I came to UMHB,” Boden said. “I came for the spiritual aspect.”

Amid the pressures students face, it can be tough to keep everything straight. Chapel helps to assist students.

If anyone knows of the need for guidance, it would be Tyson Dever. March 11, 2005, is a day he will never forget. A car crash, a smorgasbord of surgeries and a wheel chair brought Dever to UMHB seven years later to speak to university students about his life. Through his struggles, Dever found inspiration and direction through God and family.

In the August 29 chapel he said, “There are so many distractions that we need solid reinforcement in our lives. Chapel affects students’ lives in a huge way. It’s important to attend chapel and really take it seriously. It’s just a good thing to keep you on track.”

Each week students hear from speakers who are dedicated to running after admirable goals. University Chaplain Dr. George Loutherback is in charge of booking speakers for chapel, and he aims high.

“I’m going after people who are influential not only in the city but in the country,” he said.

The list of speakers this fall could be considered a Dream Team. People like Dina Dwyer-Owens, who has served as chairwoman and chief executive officer for The Dwyer Group and spoke September 5. She is best known for her clandestine role in Season 3 of CBS’ thrilling show Undercover Boss. Also coming is Kimberly Spradlin, winner of the One World season of Survivor, and Paul Young, author of the Christian novel The Shack.

All the speakers offer students a rare opportunity to learn from people who have succeded in life, who have overcome great trials, and who are committed to living in a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ.

“I want chapel this year to be especially different in addressing issues that are life-changing,” Loutherback said.

He hopes to bring diversity and speakers who present a relevant message to students.

“I really like the variety of the speakers and the worship. I feel like it’s something fresh every week,” Boden said.

Chapel is intended to strengthen the student body and to grow students spiritually.

Boden said “I encourage students to go into chapel and have an open mind about. Judge it after you’ve been, not before.”

Author: Tyler Agnew

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