Students create TV program for KPLE

A new opportunity has presented itself to the university with the cooperation of the Killeen Christian television station KPLE. An independent affiliate of Trinity Broadcast Network, KPLE is a non-profit Christian broadcasting station serving the Central Texas area.

The station has recently shifted to more education-based programming through the Connect2Texas, a network of Texas-based educational content providers.

It broadcasts educational programming to audiences across Texas and the nation through video conferencing webinars, which can vary in subject from math to art, and have a viewership ranging from pre-K to adults.

In recent months, communication and media studies Professor Dr. Diane Howard has been working with KPLE as an adviser for programming, and she has used her students to record programs for KPLE.

“I believe that our Lord has provided a beautifully equipped local television station and a well trained staff for airing of excellent programs produced by Christians,” Howard said.

Students record programs designed for educational purposes at the KPLE station. Their first show aired April 19. Photo by Christian Hernandez.

Recently, a group of Howard’s students made the trip to the station and split up to record five programs for KPLE in subjects ranging from Shakespearean use of prose to students with           disabilities.

When the students arrived, they were directed to the set and explained the do’s and don’ts of TV. After a quick lesson, they recorded a program they had been working on for a few weeks.

At the end of the day, KPLE decided to air one of the five programs but will keep the other four to try to use later. Also, all of the participants will receive a DVD copy of their programs to have for job interviews and portfolios.

Howard has been pursuing a relationship between UMHB and KPLE.

“Christians who are producing good programs need to seize the day and share their programs on KPLE. It is a win-win situation for all involved,” Howard said, referring to both Christian              institutions.

For the university, KPLE could open a door for students to gain valuable experience in the field of broadcasting if both parties agree that they mutually benefit from a relationship. All mass communication/journalism majors require three internships as part of their degree plan: print, online and broadcast.

Many internships are undertaken in the summer, but few are paid. The problem is that students often also work and take classes during the summer. Many find a summer internship to  be  a conflict and cannot afford to pile on another job.

Catherine Mason, owner of KPLE affirmed that UMHB students are welcome at KPLE and commented that it has been so in the past. “At one point, students were serving as news anchors. It was a blessing for the students and the station. Of course, the answer is yes,” said Mason.

Programs for KPLE’s educational facet must simply meet the required curriculum for that specific course set by the Texas Education Agency.

Dianna West, the administrative assistant for the station said programs may be submitted by a UMHB professor.

Professors or others with educational programming ideas may contact Regina Ortega at 254-554-3683 for more information.


Author: Christian Hernandez

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