Steve Harvey gives man’s viewpoint

Many are familiar with the comedian Steve Harvey, whether it is from listening to his syndicated radio talk show titled Steve Harvey Morning Show or watching him on TV while he hosts Family Feud or possibly because of his New York Times bestselling book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man.

The book has  been produced into a movie which hit theaters Friday.

Critics have had mixed reviews on the book. Some have referred to the book as outdated, misogynistic and ignorant. Others praise Harvey in his efforts to educate not just African-American women but all females in general.

Harvey had both women and men in an uproar after they read his matter-of-fact/common sense based book. He does have valid points such as women settling for less in a man and what a woman should or should not do in a relationship. But since he is a man, unfortunately, it is from a man’s point of view. The book could have definitely been balanced out with a woman’s perspective.

After having a chance to read this book, women should conclude that this is the opinion of only one man, and not all men think this way.

Yes, there are some who do, but people cannot use this book solely as a guideline for their love lives.

Many women wonder who Harvey thinks he is to give women relationship advice when he has been married three times and divorced twice. He also cheated on his ex-wife Mary Shackleford. The two were married for 10 years and divorced back in 2005. Shortly  after Harvey’s book was published, Shackleford shared with the media the ups and downs in their marriage claiming various infidelities and mistreatment.

The question remains if one can actually take advice from someone who is far from perfect when it comes to relationships. Is there any credibility?

Perhaps the most interesting chapter in the book is chapter 8, “Why Men Cheat.” Harvey tries his best to explain the reasoning behind the deed, and slightly touches on what it is like after being exposed and how to win back the woman he hurt.

He said, “We are capable of calculating the collateral damage that comes with getting caught, and we know that getting back into the graces of the women we cheated on–and her mother, and her friends, and anyone else who’s sympathized with her having to resurrect herself from such a devastating life event–will require a Herculean effort.”

Now, with his book hitting the big screen, it will be interesting to see it bought to life.

The movie will include Megan Good, Michael Ealy, Chris Brown and many others.


Author: Bells Staff

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