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With new parking standards having been in place for several weeks now, and students calves shaping up, the situation seems to be coming along nicely.

There still seems to be reluctance from students to ride the shuttle.

This may have to do with the fact that students fear the route it takes may not suit their schedule.

Every time I have been a guest on the shuttle, which is when I can possibly catch it since I really hate walking, the sweet driver has always been more than happy to take me to wherever my class is; all you have to do is ask.

The end of the complaining from students about having to walk a few minutes to class on our quaint, scenic campus should soon happen.

However, it’s easy to understand how students could be upset at the fact that commuters can park in parking spaces at dorms and apartments, but campus residents can’t park in their spaces at classes and in parking lots.

I envy incoming freshmen who will come onto our pedestrian friendly campus and will not know it as ever being anything different.

Since becoming a recent commuter myself, I can honestly say, I wish this had happened while I was a freshman.  I would have grown some thicker skin for the winter and some better leg muscles for the summer.

In the past, resident students have been guilty of driving just a few blocks to class.

If this new rule had been enacted sooner, students would have saved a lot of gas.

With new lots coming soon, hundreds of more parking spaces will be opening up for commuters, students and visitors.

The university’s goal is to move parking to the perimeter of the campus and have the core be pedestrian-friendly, highlighting the landscaping and well-kept architecture.

Parking lots will be constructed along a relocated Crusader Way that will be moved to ensure students do not have to cross the busy roadway to get to class.

A commuter parking lot will be constructed between 11 Avenue and the railroad track. King Street is going to be made into a pedestrian mall of sorts that will go beside the stadium and can be resourceful during events.

Overall, the campus is going to shape up to be a pedestrian-friendly campus that will be so beautiful and easy to travel to class through that students won’t even mind the distance.


Author: Kirby Franze

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