Day of fun gives students break before finals

Who would ever think that a duck could sport a Mohawk at Play Day this year? Students flocked around the petting farm to play with bunnies and fuzzy chicks. Without having much luck, some even attempted to catch the colorful roosters and the pony with the pink mane stood nearby watching all of the chaos unfold.

Some of the other events that were held included: dodge ball, washers, ladder ball and croquet. Among other activities, students were also given the opportunity to participate in paintballing, Segway rides and a mobile zip line.

Freshman psychology major Megan Bolger recalls one of the most memorable aspects of Play Day for her.

“The snow cones — they had the longest line, and that’s how you knew they were delicious” she said.

Bolger liked all of the activities the day had to offer, but one stood out to her the most.

Students dance to the Cupid Shuffle during Play Day. Other activities included henna tattoos, a petting zoo and paint ball. Photo by Lauren Jones.

“I really enjoyed the inflatable twister. It was a challenge,” she said.

Freshman athletic training major Katie Bristo was looking forward to having the day off and was eager to see all of the functions the day had in store.

“I had a really fun day. I think Play Day was a success, and it was nice not having class and not having to pay for any of it. I probably enjoyed the paintball the most, but all of it was fun. I really enjoyed the music, dancing and DJs,” she said.

Besides the fun factor, Director of Student Organizations Tiffany Wurdemann hopes students are aware of the true intentions.

“Other than having a day off, the purpose of Play Day is to remember the reasons why we are here to be in community with one another. It is a long standing tradition that provides the UMHB community an opportunity to put work aside and refocus before finals come,” she said.

Wurdemann explained how the events are created.

“We have a Play Day committee that is made up of Student Life staff. Each of us have surveyed a variety of students on what they hope to see at Play Day, and we deliberate which activities should be chosen for the day. We also look back in the past on what was successful and reassess if we should bring it back,” she said.

The rockslide and the log jammer may have seemed to just pop out of nowhere, but it actually took months for all of the ideas to become a reality.

Wurdemann said, “We met a couple times in the fall and a few times this spring. In between our meetings, we would research what ideas could come to life, and which ones should die out. It is a long process to ensure the event is quality and something for everyone to look forward to.”

Not only did Wurdemann want students to enjoy themselves, but she also wanted them to keep in mind a special message once the day was over.

She said, “Our hope for what students take away from Play Day reside in the original purpose of the event: to realize college is more than an education and to embrace the community that surrounds them.”


Author: April Littleton

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