Widespread controversy over GCB

GCB has surrounded itself with controversies since the show’s debut. Based on Kim Gatlin’s fiction book, the dramedy puts its own spark to the already heated debate.

The series is set in a posh hub of Dallas called Highland Park. Amanda Vaughn, a young widow of two, goes back to her southern hometown. The women she once teased back in high school are now out for revenge.

These women are also known as “good Christian belles” who are wives, moms and active church goers. Vaughn calls to attention that the women are hypocrites. To the world they seem like the ideal Christian wives, but take a closer look, and they are the complete opposite.

Will this show up the ante of negative Christian stereotypes? Will it have an effect at all?

College of Business Instructor Mindy Welch suggests that entertainment can consume a person’s thoughts only if they open those doors.

She said, “The influence that TV has on you is only as much as you allow it to have.”

Cast members are portrayed as over-zealous socialites living in Dallas on the controversial show, Good Christian Belles. MCT Campus.

Kristen Chenoweth, a good Christian belle on the show, has publicly stated that she is a believer and defends it.

She said, “The Bible tells us that we’re not supposed to judge, and people shouldn’t judge before seeing the show. I’m a Christian. I think that’s pretty well known, and I would never do anything that I think crossed the line.”

Junior Christian studies major Aaron Massey, has not seen the show and thus suggests it may be formulated based on American secular viewpoints.

He said it “…could be a response of what the American culture has seen within the church…. TV shows attract attention because they talk about normal everyday activities. This show is going into what’s common … especially in the Bible Belt.”

So will the show impact American society?

Massey believes it will shed a negative light rather than positive light on believers.

He said, “It will shape how nonbelievers will view the church. It will show that Christians are indeed human and they do mess up … but it will be seen more in a hypothetical sense.”

So, how should Christians respond?

Welch suggests they should stand tall and portray the real religion through actions.

She said, “… It is critical, as Christians, that we are aware that this is how we are being portrayed, or thought of on TV. We should do everything we can to not perpetuate the biases, but rather rise against them and prove our faith with our actions.”

Massey’s advice is Christians should actively disprove the stereotypes in the show.

He said “We should examine ourselves, not only as individuals, but as a group and really guard against sin, and seek to be a light and prove that the show is wrong by acknowledging our sins and     repenting.”

Massey further explains  why he thinks the series is wrong.

“The show is against what the church is supposed to be about. The reason why God redeemed the church and redeemed people groups is to show redemption to them and through them. So we are literally a forgiving community…”

He further adds a sin that can be a problem for the church.

“Hypocrisy is what makes the church so ugly. We’re rejecting the beauty of the gospel for the ugliness of sin.”


Author: The Bells Staff

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