The Baylorian continues into its 100th year

The Oreo cookie, the sinking of the Titanic, Girl Scouts and the Baylorian all have one thing in common–this year marks their 100th anniversary

Years of artworks, poetry and short stories have graced the pages of the university’s journal.

Assistant Professor and Department Chair  of the English Department Dr. Jacky Dumas and faculty adviser of the Baylorian, gives  insight about the publication.

“The Baylorian is an in-house journal that is put together by students. It only publishes works by the students, faculty and alumni. It is more of a community building type of thing. A lot of the times, the alumni contributors are former student-editors,” he said.

Although the publication has been around for a century, many people are not aware of it.

Dumas said, “I think it is one of our best-kept secrets. There are not a whole lot of publications. In the research that I have done … very rarely do you have a school that prints a journal, much less two. We have Windhover Journal which is an international journal, and then we have the Baylorian,”

The student journal is published every spring. The process begins in the fall. The spring serves to publish chosen works.

There is no charge for the journal, and they are working toward an online journal.

Learning of the centennial anniversary was a pleasant surprise.

“We actually did not know that this was the 100th year. … We found out that (Museum Curator) Betty Sue BeeBe had issues that dated all the way back to the first issue. So what we did was publish a poem from the first edition to the 50th to the 75th– those 25 year marks,” he said.

Dumas has  read some of the poems and said they are outdated, but still relevant.

“The poems are actually universal. A lot of the stuff they put in those early poems still apply today,” he said.

The university’s students have benefited from the publication in many ways. Students are able to build their resumes and have hands-on experience with editing and learning different software programs, as well as the chance to have some of their artwork or poems published.

Senior psychology major and artwork editor Hannah Romo will have two poems, “Innate Desires” and “Barriers” appear in the publication.

She said, “Poetry has always been my passion since I was young.”

Senior communication major Jasmine Austin is the poetry editor and has enjoyed helping with the Baylorian and is also excited about the publication turning 100.

She said, “I think it gives us another sense of history. It is so easy to say how old UMHB is, but to see something that has actually been around for 100 consecutive years–when others see that, they will be like ‘Wow! This school really has a legacy.’”


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