Spotify poses a threat to top music sites

Pandora has been the chosen online radio station among the vast majority in the U.S. for quite some time. Now, a new competitor from Europe has crossed over to America — Spotify.

Spotify made its debut last year in the summer and contains music from record labels such as Sony, Universal and Warner Music Group, as well as independent labels. It was founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon. Its headquarters are in the United Kingdom but also has offices in New York and Paris.

Currently, 10 million users are registered and three million are paying. The company is powered by The Echo Nest, and its Playlist API powers the stations.

It allows users to stream all the music they desire without charge for six months. The program initially launched in Europe  in the fall of 2008, and others could only get access to the app by invitation.

As like Pandora, the radio station does come with limits such as various advertisements and the inability to have it on your mobile without paying for it.

Spotify differs from Pandora in many ways, another being that there is not a limited number of skipping tracks. The restrictions will no longer apply if one chooses to upgrade to a premium plan.

For $10 a month subscribers will be able to use the service on Android-powered phones and some, but not all, BlackBerrys. They will be allowed to sync an iPad through the app and can cache their favorite songs and listen to them while  offline.

Twitter and Facebook can also be used with Spotify to share with friends the music one is listening to and vice versa.

If friends are interested in an artist from another friend’s page they have not heard much about, there is an artist page, which will allow users to read a biography of an artist and provide similar songs within the same genre.

Spotify has millions of songs to choose from, so searching for a favorite singer should be fairly easy. Some of today’s most popular artists can be found within the database.

If someone is searching for a song by Pink, for example, Spotify allows the user to listen to her instead of taking the user to a similar artist like Katy Perry, as Pandora would.

Since the days of Lime Wire and Napster are long gone, Spotify produces a better and legal alternative by giving access to free music instead of piracy.

As of now, the verdict is still out on which companies will offer the best online music.


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