University hopes to enlighten students about health care

Health Quest will kick off its thirteenth year of educating students and the community about wise self-care solutions on Friday, March 23.

The Mayborn Campus Center arena holds the event each year, nearly filling capacity with more than 800 people last year.

Local vendors like dentists, health education companies and skin care representatives join to show students the best ways to maintain their health.

“The objective is to provide a variety of free health screenings and information because information is power. Information alone is not going to change your behavior, but if I give you, through the vendors, great resources and more data, if you’re ready to make a change, then I feel like I’m enabling you,” said Coordinator of Health Services Debbie Rosenberger, who heads Health Quest each year.

In the past, students have been amped about free massages, door prizes and being able to learn about local health care providers.

This year, the door prize will be a Kindle, provided by Montgomery Chiropractic.

Senior nursing majors Melissa Wade and Kelsey Anderson are part of a senior nursing student capstone group that will be in charge of welcoming the participants and vendors as well as gathering supplies and heading the student-nurse blood pressure table at the event.

“I’m excited about the wide range of things that will be there. Hopefully, there will be something there that everybody can be interested in or find beneficial to them,” Anderson said. “There will be everything from mental health, because every college student is stressed and tired, to learning more about nutrition.”

Anderson also explained there will be injury evaluation, where UMHB trainers will be on hand to look over minor aches and pains students may have they wouldn’t normally visit a doctor for.

Another thing that excites the nursing students and Rosenberger is the brand new driving simulator.

Rosenberger said, “We are having a simulator for texting and driving. So, to folks who think they can really pay attention to the road, I would highly encourage them to come. I think this will be very eye opening to the fact that they aren’t as tuned in as they think they are.”

There will also be some basic investing information.

Rosenberger calls this “financial health.”

Economic advisers will  provide information over basic investments.

Glucose screenings, “fatal vision,” walking the line with alcohol, blood pressure, body fat testing, spinal screenings and exercise demos are a few of the many other things that Health Quest will feature.

King Street in front of Mayborn will be closed due to construction.

Health Quest attendees will need to park across the street from Mayborn behind Johnson.

Or, as students are aware due to the recent change in student parking policies, they may need to walk or use their bikes.

Senior nursing major Melissa Wade said that after Health Quest, she hopes the “students have an increased knowledge of their health and preventive measures that they can take to keep their bodies in good physical shape.”


Author: Kirby Franze

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