Students find ways to raise funds for global mission trips

While the American economy has fallen on hard times in recent years, people are aware that on the other side of the world, things are far worse.

Many students from the university have decided to donate their time to mission trips to help those in need.

Although the intent to travel to another country is a good thought, raising a large sum of money for the venture can be overwhelming.

Haitians rebuild their homes after the tragic earthquake two years ago. Many volunteers have gone to help since then. MCT Campus.

Sophomore nursing major Brittany Haines is currently gathering funds to go on her first overseas mission trip this month.

Haines said, “In November I started out not knowing where I was going. I thought I was going to Tijuana, but God just really opened the doors for Haiti. I actually had money saved, just birthday and Christmas money, along with my earnings from babysitting.”

With a small head start in savings, she decided to continue raising money until she met her goal.

“I have been selling these bracelets for $4, and a lot of people have been really generous and donated more with it. I also did a garage sale and got a lot of money from that as well,” she said.

Haines also received help from friends who threw a concert for her last week in Temple to help with the final costs.

Senior social work major Bethany Franz is excited about her third trip to Haiti. Since her visit last year, the country has stayed on her mind, so there was no doubt she would be doing fundraisers again for the next endeavor.

“While raising money for mission trips, I have been blessed with family and friends who support me not only prayerfully but financially. I write support letters and send them to my family and friends first to inform them of the opportunity that has been presented,” she said.

“I am also connected to two churches, the one I grew up in and the one I have attended since I moved to Belton, who have been faithful in supporting me financially.”

For those interested in attending a mission trip, but do not know where to start, Franz gives some suggestions.

She said, “I would tell them to take a leap of faith and begin fundraising in any way possible, such as selling T-shirts, having a garage sale, putting a little extra money in savings if possible, sending out support letters, or even asking friends if you could collect their extra change.”

Sophomore nursing major Rebekah Sorrells will be returning to Haiti as well. This year she decided to raise money differently.

She said, “The first time I went, I sent out support letters mostly to my family members. I also posted on Facebook that I needed money, and I got a lot of money that way. This year I had some money left over from my tuition, and my older brother helped me out.”

Besides thanking those who contributed funds toward a mission trip, Franz thinks people should take it one step further.

“After you get back from a mission trip, I encourage others to follow up with their supporters and let them know all that God did while you were there.”


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