Spur of the Moment dance a success

The intramural courts are usually a place for basketball or tennis, but on Thursday March 1, the courts turned into a dance floor.

Spur of the Moment, hosted by the Campus Activities Board was a night for dancing.

Many days of planning were necessary for the dance to materialize, and for freshman mass communication/journalism major and CAB committee chair Tony Hebert, the fact the dance became a reality was gratifying.

From left to right: Sophomore sport management major Esther Gibbs and senior international business major Tobin Davies show off their best two-stepping and swing dancing moves to the classic country tunes provided by Campus Activities Board. Photo by Tyler Agnew.

He said, “I thought it would be fun to have a night where everyone could two-step because the students at UMHB like to country dance and enjoy country music.”

Students of every classification and gender attended.

Sophomore math major Lacy Hill liked the dance because it “supported the students, it was for the students, by the students, with the students. It was all about the students,” she said.

Even the DJ was a familiar face. CAB hired junior history major Jake Hans to provide entertainment. He first began disc jockeying out of interest and then he got involved with CAB through the assistant director of Campus Activities.

“I talked to Jeff Sutton, and he was the one who got me going with CAB events, and I’ve been doing their events since then,” Hans said.

He also enjoys working with CAB because of the social aspect when he DJs the organization’s events.

He said, “I love doing CAB events because basically I get paid to hang out with my friends.”

Freshman EXSS major Lisa Bumgardner enjoyed the dance, and it was a night in which she could have fun and display her skills. She has been dancing two-step for four years.

Her favorite dance move is the whip because “there are lots of moves involved with the whip, and the two-step is boring by itself,” she said.

The dance received a surprise when the contestants of Cru Knights danced to a skit. The audience screamed for their favorite knights as the guys performed to such songs as “Bye, Bye, Bye” by *NSYNC.

CAB is in charge of social activities that take place on campus, and Sutton said the dance was created because students “wanted to two-step but didn’t want to leave or go anywhere, so we brought that here.”

Freshman mass communication/journalism major Katelyn Holm played a key role in organizing the event.

She said, “You never know how many people are going to show up, and I’m so glad to hear that people want to do it again.”

CAB members were excited by the outcome, and no one could be happier than Sutton, who said, “You’ll see more dances coming from CAB. We have more planned at the end of the school year.”


Author: Tyler Agnew

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