Lights, Camera, Cru Film

The cast and crew of the spring Cru Film are making movie magic by bringing to life a true story of sorrow, heartache, disappointment and revelations.

Starring and written and directed by university students, The Walk tells a tale of Kenzie, a bride-to-be whose heart is in despair because of an absentee father. As her walk down the aisle approaches, she fears her fiance will abandon her as her dad did. She soon learns to trust in God, let go of her past and walk with faith into matrimony.

Senior performance studies and English major Kelsey Broussard wrote the screenplay based on her personal experiences.

Senior performance and English major Kelsey Broussard does a makeup retouch on senior computer graphic design major Zane Guerrero. Photo by Lindsey Holderby.

She said the first half of the movie “is very much a true story, my true story. As I was watching the actors in the early scenes, it was as if I was reliving my childhood. I teared up several times as the pain of disappointment permeated my memories.  I was completely humbled.”

Broussard conveyed the problems she faced growing up in a single-parent home and how her struggles sparked an idea, which manifested itself into a storyline — now a movie.

She hopes the film encourages those who have faced the same obstacles to seek refuge in the Lord.

“There are several people who have daddy issues, and you hear that testimony of how (they) just went to (their) heavenly father instead of earthly one,” she said. “It was my revelation that God is not limited to being a heavenly father or a friend. He’s all these things and so much more.”

Junior computer graphics design major Stephen Webster adjusts the camera as he films a scene in the Manning Chapel. Photo by Lindsey Holderby.

Similar to the main character in the movie, Broussard learned to let go of her past as she walked into her future.

“I’m very grateful for the hand that I have been given. I know that things worked out the way it did, and I am the person that I am because of that,” she said.

Transforming a true story on a script to film required the right direction.

Senior communication major and film minor Chris Collins was chosen to lead the crew and direct the film. He described the dynamics of capturing the drama of the movie.

“I kind of wanted the beginning of the film to be seen through the child’s eyes. I wanted to highlight how children are victims because they don’t understand why their mother and father are not together anymore,” Collins said. “This film shows the emotional stress that a child goes through starting at a young age, and 15 years later she’s still struggling with these issues.”

Collins praised the cast and crew for the hard work and dedication they put into the making of The Walk.

He said, “I’m happy to have the crew that I had to help put it together. They worked hard. To me they were not just students. They were actual filmed workers, and they were excellent.”

Director Collins hopes to one day work behind the scenes in television and explained how this experience helped to build his confidence.

“I never really thought I could do something like this. This helped me believe in myself. Now I can move forward to doing other films and try being a better cinematographer and director. I will hold those titles with my head held high,” he said.

Sophomore education major Susan Torres waits to deliver her lines as senior computer graphics design major Luisa Morales prepares to give her the signal to begin the take during filming. Courtesy photo.

Sophomore education major Susan Torres is the movie’s leading lady. Consumed with both excitement and nervousness, she stepped out of her comfort zone and portrayed the role of Kenzie to the best of her ability.

“At first it was hard. I was like ‘How am I going to get mad at this guy I just met?’  But I started to think about what makes me mad and what in my past made me sad, and it made being the character easier,” she said.

Torres expressed her thoughts on staying grounded while being the star of the movie.

“I loved it and really enjoyed it. It was such a new experience,” she said. “But I was not a diva. It was hard to be one. The crew was doing so much, and I was trying to help, but they were like ‘Do you need anything?’ and I was like ‘No, you really don’t have to.’”

The Walk is now in post-production and is set to have two viewings in mid-April followed by a DVD release.

Broussard hopes it will be well received by the public, and it will bless someone.

“I think we will submit it into some film festivals, but I’m just going to leave that door open to however the Lord wants to use it,” she said. “My goal is to spread the gospel, and I think that’s what this film does. So if one person is moved and affected by it and their life is changed, then the movie has served its purpose, and that is gratifying.”


Author: Nicole Johnson

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