Hunger Games series sets mood for Central Texas Book Club

A new book this semester will be introduced during the 2012 UMHB Central Texas Book Club meeting.

The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins will be discussed by Professor of  English Dr. Brent Gibson and Associate Professor in the College of Christian Studies Dr. Mike Robinson.

Sigma Tau Delta is hosting the gathering, March 20, and refreshments will also be provided.

All of the campus is invited to attend the event from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Lord Conference Center.

For those who do not have the book already, a paperback edition is for sale at the campus bookstore.

Gibson gave a few details about what people can expect while in attendance at the


He said, “Dr. Robinson and I will each give a talk about the book. After that will be a question-and-answer discussion about either what I noticed about the book or what someone else has noticed. I am going to start off by talking about some general things about the book, like its genesis and the way it was conceived….We will focus on the main character and what she is like.”

Since department chair of English Dr. Jacky Dumas has taken over the book club, he has decided to choose readings for the students that have deep meanings.

He said, “I have really been working on enticing the students to look at books that have a multi-disciplinary     focus.”

Dumas explains how the new books for the book club are chosen each semester.

“We take recommendations from faculty, generally the (English) department and students. We cut it down to a list of books that the students are interested in, and that’s usually our strong constituency of the students, so we want to pick things that will apply to them,” he said.

Around the university, The Hunger Games is a favorite among many and is rapidly increasing in popularity through word of mouth.

Junior Christian ministry major Kaitlin Burks is a big fan of the book.

She is interested in attending the event if her schedule permits.

She said, “I wanted to read the (books) when suddenly everyone started talking about them and getting excited about the movie. My best friends could not stop talking about how amazing they were and how I really needed to read them. It took me what felt like forever to actually get my hands on it.”

Burks also said the book is very alluring and even tempts those who are not regular readers.

“What really surprised me was that my friends who absolutely hate reading loved reading this book,” she said. “The author wrote them so well that it’s easy and fun to read them.”


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