What would you do if you awoke married to Tatum?

As it turns out, it takes more than Channing Tatum’s good looks to make a movie worth seeing.

Unfortunately, for theaters full of eager women who undoubtedly dragged their boyfriends to see The Vow on Valentine’s weekend, that’s about all the film had to offer.

Like most chick flicks of today, it was the classic tale of boy, played by Tatum, meets girl, played by Rachel McAdams. Boy inevitably falls in love with girl and the two get married.

In an unexpected turn of events (for anyone fortunate enough to have not seen the trailer a dozen times), an accident leaves McAdams unable to remember her current life, including her husband.

As Tatum attempts to reconnect with his wife, he realizes that in her mind she is no longer the person he married, but a former version of herself.

While it is somewhat on the heartwarming side to see him pursue her despite this serious complication, the new (or old, if that’s how you want to look at it) McAdams turns out to be a pretty unlikable character, and it kind of leaves you wondering why the poor guy wants to stay with her at all.

And then there’s the acting.

Both Tatum and McAdams play virtually the same characters in The Vow as they do in all of their other films, which is fine, except that Tatum never quite hits the mark in any of them.

Throughout the film, it becomes apparent that it isn’t as much a love story as it is about self-discovery. This is a nice idea and a refreshing diversion from the typical romance. However, it’s not exactly what audiences full of couples on Valentine’s dates are looking for.

It’s not the mushy gushy, feel good kind of thing that makes you want to cuddle up next to the one you love.

In fact, it is actually a little depressing.

The whole thing seemed so set on reminding viewers not to take love for granted that it ended up being kind of scary. I mean, we all know anything

can happen, but we don’t go to the movies to think about the possibility of our soulmates losing the memory of who we are.

After a series of ups and downs (mostly the latter), the very last scene of the film  leaves viewers with a small glimmer of hope that perhaps love does prevail in the end. But after everything, it almost doesn’t feel like quite enough.

It may have been the lack of chemistry between the actors or poor writing, but two minutes before the credits and a line of text telling me the outcome of a film based on a “true story” is just not enough for me to believe what they’re selling.

Long story short, if you’re looking for a good date movie, consider waiting until the 3-D edition of Titanic hits theaters. You’ll probably feel more uplifted afterward.


Author: JC Jones

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