Santorum’s last-minute surge

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A late bloomer in the Republican race, Rick Santorum has been gaining momentum as a candidate and confidence as a debater.

Santorum, a socially conservative candidate would be popular on a campus like UMHB; a Roman Catholic, he is prolife and opposed to contraception. He is a very straight-laced and firm individual who stands firmly in his values with not much variance.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine, recently switched his endorsement from Romney to Santorum, “What I’m seeing with Rick Santorum is a candidate who gets better and better every day.”

Most can agree that Santorum began this race as the quiet kid in the back of the class, but has since slid on both knees into the spotlight to become the current frontrunner. Finding three consecutive wins in the states of Missouri, Minnesota and Colorado, Santorum has secured his spot in the top three with Romney and Gingrich.

Santorum’s positions on issues are those of a man of faith. He stands in accordance with the Catholic Church on gay marriage, abortion and contraception. His faith has lost him the favor of a large chunk of the American public, but his religion should not be a weakness for Santorum.

I don’t know if you remember the last Catholic in office. He went by the name of John F. Kennedy. Santorum could be the president who re-instills the core values that built this country.

On his website, the list of issues is the longest of any candidate’s website and shares the interest of the public. Santorum is opposed to raising taxes, for example. However, I couldn’t even seem to find a way to enter Mitt Romney’s website without having to contribute money to his campaign. How can we expect Romney to reduce taxes when he asks the public for money when simply entering his website?

Santorum is doing well, but he has to continue to do so and did budget much time to afford any errors.

The next debate will be in Arizona after almost a month-long break. The debate will be Feb. 22 in Mesa. Santorum will have to outshine the rest of the candidates in this debate to really secure his position.

Peaking so late in the race, he has not been so closely scrutinized, unlike Mitt Romney who has seemingly been on 24-hour surveillance for taking the lead so quickly. By the same token, however, did he wait too long to bloom?

Maybe DeWine is right, and he is improving every day. But does he have enough time to catch up to the crowd favorite Mitt Romney?

Santorum has really come in from the back of the pack to lead the GOP ballot. If his surge of confidence and support continues, he stands a good chance.


Author: Christian Hernandez

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