McLane residents express their individuality

Around the university, sleep has a negative connotation. There just isn’t enough time in the day for students to get enough of it, and definitely no time to allow sleep to be of much importance.

Residents in McLane Hall beg to differ as sleep, to them, is an opportunity to reminisce, look fashionable and just be comfortable. From pajama pants to quilts, the residents strive to find meaning whenever it is time to wind down after a long day.

For junior computer graphics design major Stephen Webster his pajama pants are a reminder of the places he has been.

“They are definitely the traveling pants because they have been to the Dominican Republic three times, Peru once, Haiti, and in May they will go to Morocco with me,” he said.

Many McLane guys can’t make the same claims as Webster, but sophomore chemistry major Jason Aleman is just fine with the simple role his pajama pants play. He likes them because they are relaxed and reliable.

Aleman said, “I really just need something comfortable to sleep in…nothing fancy.”  His pajama pants are stylish as a navy blue background adds strength to the plaid tone. However, he believes the accessibility of his pants are what truly sets them apart, and he has never been late for a class because of getting tied up while changing.

Aleman said, “I slip them on when I go to bed and slip them off when I wake up in the morning.”

Aleman bought his pants on sale for $7 at Old Navy, which is cheap compared to freshman Donavan Catron’s $50 pair of Eddie Bauer pajama pants. Regardless, Catron believes them to be well worth the cavern in his wallet because “they are really good looking, pure cotton and really comfortable to sleep in.”

Sophomore EXSS major Aaron Miller said, “I have a deep love for the forest and being outside.”

His pillow cases, pajama pants and bed sheets all have an “on the trail” theme. He said his bedding materials have “deer heads, pine trees, pine cones and all kinds of wonderful stuff that you find on the trail.”

Miller’s mom made them for him, and “it is a little reminder of my mom every day,” he said.

Many residents have the same feeling as Miller about their bedding. Freshman Christian ministries major John Williams finds solace in the Noah’s Ark quilt his grandmother made for him as a Christmas present when he was 13 years old.

She began making the quilt for Williams when he was 3 years old because of his love for the story of Noah and the Ark.  Lions and bears, tigers and giraffes, men and alligators all cover the top of the quilt.

Williams said that he will pass it on to his son or daughter and hopes to spur on a tradition with the coverlet.

McLane residents don’t view sleep as a nuisance, rather, sleep is valued by those who see it as an opportunity. Every night McLane Hall is ready for sleep, and regardless of the day’s circumstances, the McLane Cru catch meaningful z’s.

Williams, whose quilt means more to him than just physical warmth, he said, “The amount of work that my grandma put into it reminds me every night how much she loves me.”


Author: Tyler Agnew

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