Super Bowl XLVI: Giants upset Patriots for a second time

The New York Giants are World Champions. Super Bowl XLVI was an injury-stricken, smash-mouth, football game that came down to the wire.

The Giants took an early lead and scored nine unanswered points, including an uncharacteristic mistake by New England quarterback Tom Brady that resulted in a safety and a touchdown.

However, the Patriots have one of the most efficient offenses in the league, and they rallied together to put some points on the board. A Stephen Gostkowski field goal opened them up, and was it followed by the last minute touchdown, a short four-yard pass to running back, Danny Woodhead.

After the star-studded half time show, fans came back to the Patriots receiving the ball, but it wasn’t until the third quarter that Brady found Aaron Hernandez to waltz it in to the end zone to put them up by eight.

The Pats had an opportunity to seal the deal, but a rare Brady interception would eliminate that chance and shift momentum.

Two Laurence Tynes field goals would bring the Giants two points shy and would take possession with about six minutes left to march down field, 88 yards to score. Time management became an issue for the Patriots with the Giants knocking at their door. They seemingly let Bradshaw score with just under a minute left to leave themselves some time to make a comeback.

After a failed two-point conversion, the Patriots would receive a touchback that would start them at the 20-yard line.

The Pats started the drive on a bad note. Two dropped passes in the hands of the receivers that could have changed the game.

More bad news struck as Brady was sacked. Belichick was forced to burn his final timeout to set up a fourth and 16 with 36 ticks left on the clock. Brady completed a 19-yard pass to keep the drive alive.

At the end of the drive, the best the Patriots could do was set up a third and five on the Giants 49 yard line with five second left. Brady took the snap out of the gun, dropped back and was as patient as possible before he released a 50-yard bomb intended for Aaron Hernandez. It was batted away, and just like that the Giants would defeat the Patriots a second time.

A Giants victory opens up a lot of topics, for example during the season there was talk of replacing Tom Coughlin as NYG head coach. While the Giants scraped in to the post-season with a record of 9-7, the man still won a Super Bowl. He isn’t going anywhere. Eli Manning sets himself apart as an elite quarterback in the NFL and steps out from his big brother’s shadow. Finally, a bitter rivalry is established as the Giants keep the Patriots from a Super Bowl title for the second time.


Author: Christian Hernandez

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