Students admire different sound

From whimsical to rhythmic sounds, the Waterloo Sound Conspiracy convinced listeners that they could relate to classical music during its concert Feb 2.

The ensemble played five pieces with such unique sounds that the audience could not help but be swept up in the moment, whether they were fans of the genre or not.

Chair of the music department Dr. Mark Humphrey was hoping that students would be receptive to the ensemble, whose performance was part of the Hillman Visiting Artist series.

He said, “I think that sometimes classical music is misunderstood, and I think there are a lot of reasons for that. Some of it is the way that we classical musicians present it. And the Waterloo Sound Conspiracy is trying to change that.”

Humphrey wants to give students different experiences with music.

He said  the group is trying to send a message through its delivery “that classical music isn’t boring” and that “there’s a young generation of classical musicians who are very interested in keeping this art form alive and exploring new ways to do it.”

The group did something that is considered unique to most quintets. Instead of sitting down during their performance, members stood up throughout their time on stage as a better way to communicate with each other and the audience.

Before each piece was performed, members took turns explaining the significance of the set that was to be played. One student appreciated this tactic.

Freshman exercise and sport science major Ricole Lowe said, “I like how every person has their own role to play in the music and that they introduced the piece and what it was about and they gave information about what we were about to hear. For me, that was really helpful since I don’t have much exposure to classical music.”

Students who attended the concert sat down with cautious ears but many were pleasantly surprised to find out that the quintet was able to bring classical music to life in a way that was relatable.

Sophomore prephysical therapy major Jacy Mullins said, “I really enjoyed listening to the Waterloo Sound Conspiracy. The ensemble made it easy to forget the fact that I don’t have much experience with that type of music, I was just able to enjoy it.”

So the question is, did the group manage to change the minds of UMHB students about classical music?

Lowe said, “I really enjoyed myself. I didn’t feel that way coming into the concert. I felt like it was a really good performance. I would definitely go back and see them. I can honestly say that I’m a fan of classical music now.”


Author: April Littleton

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