School organizations attend leadership conference in Dallas

Members of the Christian Association of Student Leaders joined together at Dallas Baptist University Jan. 26-28 for the annual conference that devotes three days to providing leadership insight for students in various positions of leadership at different Christian colleges around Texas.

University Chaplain Dr. George Loutherback created the conference 14 years ago so growing leaders would be able to come from  Christian communities and learn more about becoming influential leaders in their area.

Among the UMHB organizations to attend CASL were members from Campus Activities, Welcome Week, Student Government Association and Campus Ministries.

The key speaker for the event was Tim Elmore. He wrote a book titled Habitudes, which teaches young students how to be authentic leaders.

Director of Student Organizations Tiffany Wurdemann is on the executive committee for planning the CASL trips and hopes one day more students outside of school organizations who aspire to be leaders will be able to join in the events.

Wurdemann said, “How can we continue to put others before ourselves and go the extra mile, from being on time and early, to honoring people in that way, to humbling yourself as a leader?”

Crusaders pose with the signature “C” at CASL weekend. Courtesy photo.

She continues to discuss the positive relationship between the staff and students.

“As an administrator, that’s great when all your students want to do that. As a student, that’s great when your leaders above you what to serve you in that way,” she said.

Part of the message of the conference was to encourage student leaders to choose wisely the number of responsibilities they commit to.

Elmore spoke of being a river, not a flood. He compared students to being a flood if they are involved in too many things.

They spend little time on them and end up being destructive, whereas, a student who is a river is effective and handles obligations appropriately.

Student Body PresidentKassidy Harris returned to school with a mission of strenghtening relationships.

He said, “At the end of CASL, you have college reflection, a time where you have your university come together and tell what you’ve learned. One of the biggest things from every single person in that room was that we wanted to come back and build a better community on campus and be reunited as a body of Christ. So we all broke up in our different sections, and we all prayed that it could be that way.”

Harris and SGA have committed to start meeting weekly to pray for a revival and a stronger community on campus.

While workshops and sessions were all a big part of CASL, attendees also heard a Phil Wickham concert and played games including a Family Feud spin off.

Sophomore elementary education major Ali Holmes is thankful for the friendships she made at CASL.

She said, “I think it helped everyone personally with their own leadership skills. For UMHB, it brought a lot of us together, and it allowed us to meet people that we probably would have never met. It was really nice to meet people from our school as well as other campuses.”


Author: Kirby Franze

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