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Wondering when Cru Knights is? Check the campus calendar. Click month. Pretty sure it’s in February. Let’s see, softball practice, Antioch Community Church, CON Testing – whatever that is men’s golf workouts.

Maybe it would be easier to just Google it. Type UMHB Cru Knights 2012 in Google search bar. The first three links to the UMHB Master Calendar don’t work.

Back to the calendar. Pretty sure it’s Feb. 17. Click on link that says “14 more.” Scroll down past sports practices, past MUSI 3381, keep scrolling … there it is at the bottom of the list right above Chinese Bible Study. The title is a link. Click for more information. Waiting. Still waiting for the white pop -up box to load.

Stop here. The box will never load. It will just say “This webpage is not available.”

Finding an event on the campus calendar online will take you quite a bit of time and a lot of determination.

So many events on the calendar apply to only a small group of students that the bigger, more important events fall to the bottom of the list into oblivion. If students are in softball, or golf, in a certain class, or go to a particular church, it’s safe to assume they are observant and responsible enough to know when their practices or meetings are.

The online calendar should be for events that apply to a bigger population on campus.

If an alumni, community members, or students who aren’t very involved on campus went to the calendar to search for an event, it’s probably more likely they would give up and not come than that they would find what they are looking for.

Why are the events scheduled on the calendar they way they are? Is there not a priority setting to allow the bigger events on campus to jump to the top? True, you can filter the calendar by five color-coded topics but even then, some events don’t make it on the main page.

When you finally do find the event you are looking for, don’t bother clicking for more information. If the links in the titles aren’t going to work when people click on them, they should be taken out instead of staying in and causing people frustration.

The bottom line is that the online calendar doesn’t accurately display all that UMHB has to offer. It should be redesigned to be easier for people to find out what events the university has going on and to encourage attendance.


Author: Brittany Montgomery

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