8.3 percent gives hope

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In October 2009, the U.S. hit double digits in unemployment with 10.2 percent which has been the highest in almost 30 years.

Since then, unemployment has been a hot button issue and at the forefront of political campaigns.

Unfortunately for George W. Bush and Barack Obama, they came in after an economic high and every up has its down. By the same token, every down has its up, and some president gets to throw his nose in the air and say, “I fixed this recession.”

Every candidate in the running for the Republican nomination claims to have the answer to speed up the economic recovery, which they will inevitably point back out if they win the election.

Now two months deep in to 2012, we have heard the good news that unemployment has dropped to 8.3 percent almost 2 percent lower than the high we reached in 2009.

What does it all mean? Recovery. This nation has been treading water for years in its worst economic climate of the 21st century.

January provided almost a quarter of a million jobs to Americans and those weathering the storm are starting to poke their heads back out and loosen their clutch on their money.

Politically, Obama will be able to boast that under his administration, unemployment has dropped to the lowest in the past three years.

While candidates of the GOP may argue that his policies are not providing the fastest recovery, it’s still a recovery, and Americans are hurting for any kind of job.

There are still almost 13 million Americans without a job, still a daunting fact that faces any politician.

But while the white-collared sort that out, the “99 percent,” need to start looking up. Headlines brandishing the lower unemployment rate should only encourage American’s and boost a morale that has not been in high spirits for some time.

The old saying, “Time heals all things” needs to start surrounding the American public because if the “pity me” mindset continues to fuel earnest Americans, we will have to make permanent residencies on major streets across the U.S.

Jobs are available, but they are not on Wall Street. Oh you camped four weeks on Congress Avenue? You could have spent four weeks applying for jobs. This group should focus on a new percentage, 8.3 percent and help make it smaller.

Last semester The Bells ran a story titled, “Americans in need of humility.” It expressed the vast expanse of unemployment in the U.S. the answer to which was people should roll up their sleeves and get down and dirty for an honest paycheck.

I doubt the thousands of recently employed read the article, but employment has picked up because they came to their senses. It’s good to start the year with a positive update of higher employment.


Author: Christian Hernandez

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