Hunger Games books point to a promising future for the film

If any film has the potential to live up to its literary counterpart, The Hunger Games is it. It’s a rare occurrence when a movie based on a book offers the same emotional and mental connection that reading the book does, but it might just happen with the release of the first movie in March.

Its plot packed with action, adventure, love, depravity and deception, The Hunger Games trilogy is an easy read that’s sure to please even the most critical of readers. It’s set in the post modern world, with the country Panem divided into 12 districts all controlled by the strong hand of the Capitol.

The Capitol holds the Hunger Games each year to remind the nation why they are in control. Two teenagers from each district are chosen to fight in a complex arena until only one remains alive.

The nation is required to watch the televised event so citizens can clearly see the power the Capitol exercises over not only them, but future generations.

Hunger Games moves from the page to the big screen with a promising outcome expected for box offices. MCT Campus.

The trilogy focuses on Katniss Everdeen, a young girl from District 12, a poor and overlooked area.

Though she has never been accustomed to having an advantage over others, Everdeen’s skills of hunting in banned areas gives her a leg up on the competition.

Her fight for her own survival, her family’s safety, her right to love and her dream to overthrow the governmental strongholds captivate the reader from the first few pages through the end of the struggle.

The simple yet powerful words Suzanne Collins  writes paint pictures unlike other popular series. Readers find themselves going straight from one book to the next at a quick pace to ensure they discover the outcome of Everdeen’s life and the Capitol’s position.

Perhaps one reason the books have become so hugely popular is that they tap into a diverse spectrum of human emotion, pushing each situation to the raw edge.

The majority of the trilogy is dominated by war, strife and depravity, but themes of forbidden love, unlikely friendship and rebellious political activism stream underneath the bloody cover of futuristic battlefields.

The books continue growing in popularity the nearer the movie release date comes. They hold the top three spots on Kindle’s book list. The first single “Safe and Sound” from The Hunger Games sound track was released Dec. 23 and already has more than two million views on YouTube.

The song is performed by big names in the music business, Taylor Swift and The Civil Wars, giving it added attention from their fans.

Even for those who are not particularly fans of science fiction, futuristic settings or nonfiction books in general, the trilogy is a refreshing yet deeply complex break from whatever literature readers consider their normal genre. It has captivated readers young and old and is sure to ensnare even more fans before the first movie premieres  March 23.

Author: Brittany Montgomery

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