Band is aiming for the big time

A band by the name of Hedley Grange is taking the Central Texas music scene by storm. Both KVET 98.1 out of Austin and The Ranch 95.9 out of Dallas currently play the band’s popular song “Church Signs.”

The success for the quintet is quickly rising with appearances all over the state. They will be playing at Bum’s Sports Grill at midnight Jan. 27.

The group members consist of lead vocalist and guitarist Kody Yeager, pot and pans player Charlie Lucko, lead guitarist Tyler Ralston, rhythm guitar and harmonica player Will Janke and bass player Will Gilley. The band’s name comes from a recording studio in Headley, England.

Yeager, a former UMHB student, said the band simply began when he realized both he and a fellow co-worker had a common taste for music.

Hedley Grange members move up in the music scene with former UMHB student and lead vocalist Kody Yeager (far left).

“The band itself has been around for about a year and a half. I and the guitarist were working together at the same restaurant and in passing we found out that we both like music. We got together and started hanging out, and sure enough we hit it off pretty good,” he said.

The band has not always had five members; two more people have joined since last year.

“We just added Will Gilley and Charlie Lucko a few months ago. So the band with all five of us is new, and it has been about three months that we have all been together,” Yeager said.

Music has been a part of Janke’s life for quite some time. Prior to the band, he played such instruments as the guitar, bass and harmonica.

He said, “I have been a part of the band for one year. I was chosen after about a year of playing opening acoustic for them.”

Janke also credits his mother and two sisters for introducing him to different genres of music. He is inspired by Bob Dylan, Reckless Kelly and The Band. When people come to attend his performances, he hopes the audience will leave with this message.

He said, “If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life.”

For Janke, being in a band and juggling his everyday life may not be easy, but he does not mind since he is doing something he loves.

Gilley caught the music bug early in life, and it is his passion. He enjoys all the success the band has acquired lately and looks forward to the future.

“Everyone is very supportive thus far. As long as we keep our heads down and work hard, I believe the sky is the limit for Hedley Grange,” he said. “Hedley Grange has a unique combination of skills and styles. Between the five of us, we are capable of switching instruments … for certain types of songs.”

The band has opened for a few big acts and has received positive feedback from some major artists.

Yeager said, “For about three months, we just played at hole in the wall bars and then we played the Texas Music Festival.  We just got thrown into the fire. After that first day, we got to open up for Bob Schneider. I remember Reckless Kelly came up and talked to us. They were like ‘That was awesome. You guys remind me of us 10 years ago.’ It was very cool and rewarding because we look up to them as musicians.”

Author: Bells Staff

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