SUB now keeps later hours, offers better Wi-Fi access

By Jake Stamps

The SUB is now open 24/7 as of Oct. 31. Students will have more reliable Wi-Fi access as well as the option to hang out with friends or study in the early morning hours.

With the help of the Student Government Association and Vice President for Student Life Dr. Bryon Weathersbee, a bill was passed to have the SUB open around the clock.

“This will allow students to have a place to go, but students still need to be responsible and take care of the area. Be the school’s eyes,” Weathersbee said.

As the news hit campus, students were happy with the decision.

Sophomore Spanish major Collin Davies is a member of the university’s Student Government Association.

“This change is the result of students expressing their desires to SGA and letting us take initiative and explore the routes necessary to accomplish the goal,” he said. This is a great example for students to learn how they can influence decisions on campus.”

Sophomore accounting major Katie Fuqua pulled an all-night study session with friends.

“We had an exam the following day, and we needed to make sure we would get an A. We all met up and studied till around 5 a.m. We then went to Starbucks right before the test. It was one long night, but we all passed, so it was definitely worth it,” she said.

Sophomore education major Jordyn Russell and junior nursing major Whitney Almond agreed that the new hours will help not only them but other students as well.

“Since the SUB will now be open at all hours, it will be more convenient for students to have somewhere to go after the library closes. The SUB is also a really good place to go, whether it’s to get together to study or to just hang out. I have hung out at the SUB before and plan to go back more often with these new hours,” Russell said.

Almond agrees. “This is great for everyone and will allow people to hang out at all times. This will also allow everyone to have better access to socialize and/or study,” she said.

Freshman business management major T.J. Kittrell also likes the new hours and easy Internet accessibility.

“I will enjoy having the SUB open 24/7 because it will not only give me a better opportunity but other students a place to talk to friends or study. Having this new schedule will help everybody because it will allow those students who have conflicts with their schedule a chance to go to the SUB,” he said. “The SUB is also a great place for reliable Wi-Fi. You can always count on being able to get your work completed with the great Internet access.”

Though the SUB will be open all hours, the Crusader Café will now operate at these times:

Monday through Thursday

7:45 a.m. – 12 a.m.

Friday – 7:45 a.m.-6 p.m.

Saturday – Closed

Sunday – 7:00 p.m.-12 a.m.

Times will be posted for holidays and non-school days.

Change such as this can happen, and it can be student initiated.

Davies said, “Each class has multiple members in SGA and wants to hear the students’ ideas, aspirations and thoughts about everything associated with UMHB.”

To voice your opinion or express an idea, contact the student body president at

Author: The Bells Staff

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